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Won't boot into Win Xp, get no errors

By sherlene ·
I have several posts on several site and forums because I am having a problem. Would you mind seeing if you can help me?


"I just built my machine. Installed Win XP Pro, added some stuff, got a brain fart and deleted the asp.net user under the user profiles in control panel. Now pc doesn't boot into win. I don't want to reinstall as I'm afraid I'll loose stuff."

"Ok, I just built this machine, see, and I didn't create boot disk. I did put Norton "go back", a lot of good that did. It won't go back! Anyhoo, my trouble started when I got a brain fart and deleted the asp.net profile through control panel users. I'm not a developer, is that why it won't boot now? Why can't I get rid of that profile without complication? I know there's got to be a work around for this.

I can't even boot into safemode. If there is something else I should be trying, plz give me a clue!

I'm not a total newbie, but I'll admit to holes in my "self-taught" education.

If I reinstall I'll loose somethings I really want to keep.

Please have pity on this dorkburger!"

I just wanted to by-pass the having to select a profile to use at start up. Is crying allowed?

I'm at my wits end. I downloaded a boot disk but it's not working either.

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That's good to know.

by sherlene In reply to That sounds weird

Yeah, I'm finding that out. It has to have been something else.

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If you dont have

by Jesus_C In reply to That's good to know.

sp2 installed then you could have a virus or a trojan.

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Also,plug your

by Jesus_C In reply to If you dont have

hdd into another computer as a slave off the network, and retrieve all your data from the drive,back it up onto cd ,do the fresh install on the hdd in your own system and restore your data.Scan the disk before you restore with an antivirus and dont put the computer back on any network with out sp2 and a good anti virus installed

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Never even got the chance to get it online.

by sherlene In reply to If you dont have

Never even got the chance to get it online.

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