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Workgroup vs. Domain Member

By badfish ·
I have 12 NT 4 workstations connected to one Cisco 2924 switch, which is only connected to another 2924. That switch is connected to that is a Win2K server. The server is also connected to my Domain (different subnet) on another NIC. I don't haverouting setup (IP Forwarding?). All 12Stations and server are using only TCP/IP and all on same subnet. Workstations are completely Isolated, they cannot see a gateway/router or the WINS srv, wrkstation are all member of a workgroup. Server was made member of the Domain. It is using WINS on Domain NIC. In this setup Network browsing to Server is extremely slow at best.Mapping a drive to server share sometimes times out, other times works but never fast enough. Once workstation boots and makes connection to server it is considerably better, however first few minutes after boot the stations time-out looking for server by name or even specifying the IP address. I can ping the IP address of the server at all times perfectly. After removing the Server from the domain and adding to same workgroup everything works perfectly fine.
How can I keep the server a member of my domain without suffering the network browsing "timeouts"? I must keep the stations physically segmented from the domain however.

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