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By cupcake ·
I think I tread into a very precipitous area starting this thread, but I really need others' opinions.

We're all adults right? Well most of us anyway. ;-)

What is your opinion of getting involved with someone you work with? A good friend with whom I share a good working relationship with has been recently dropping not-so-subtle hints that we should take things to another level.

We don't work on the same team, although we have to interact occasionally in meetings and on projects. I think we could keep work and personal lives separate, and if we couldn't (if things progressed to that point) neither of us would have any difficulty leaving this company or securing other employment - we're both contract employees.

Have you ever been involved in this situation? How did it turn out? What kind of advice would you give a friend?

BTW, we're not kids and are both pretty level headed. There is just some kind of attraction going on...

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Did it once ...

by PSer In reply to Workplace Romances

I was the Network admin, she was in a different dept. The companies policy was "to notify supervisor up to and including the CEO" for "approval". It was kind of funny, us talking to the CEO about our relationship!

We became friends rather quickly. Started hanging out sometimes with, sometimes without co-workers (HH). When we both started having those "feelings" I would have walked away from that job in a heart beat for her and she for me.

Neither one of us were "looking" for love but we ran smack dab in to it ... at work! That was nine years ago (married 7) and we're expecting our first child (son) on Sept. 7

I did leave the company shortly after we married for a better job but she is still there. I often miss working with her being right down the hall ...

Bottom line ... A job is a job, love is SO much harder to find! Take it slow but follow your heart. Whatever happens IS what's supposed to happen. Good or bad, right or wrong ...

Much Luck!!!

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I Love a happy ending

by KSoniat In reply to Did it once ...

Congrats on the little one too!!

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I've seen both sides....

by JamesRL In reply to Workplace Romances

I did date someone at one of my first computer jobs, but not since.

At some companies it was alright as long as the two individuals were not in the same reporting structure(until very high levels). And there were some frowning upon people in situations where one was in senior management - thats a CYA liability issue in case the relationship goes south.

One of my former bosses had a successful in house romance that led to a successful marriage. He left the company (on good terms) but not for that reason, and she stayed.


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Had one, never will have another

by road-dog In reply to Workplace Romances

A sweetie of a Secretary in my department had a marriage **** up in her face within a 10 days of mine. We were always close, sometimes uncomfortably so. Anyway we had a 6 month relationship that went well and ended well. We both knew it was two people getting through some rough times, neither of had any illusions of permanence.

I figure you get one of these per career, a hot romance just when needed that ends without any collateral damage.

Yup, I had my one, not trying it again.

Your situation is slightly different. Both Contractors means either of you could bolt cleanly if things go ugly.

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Be Careful

by Wild Card In reply to Workplace Romances

Everyone workplace romance I have ever seen, turned out to be an absolute trainwreck. From an outsider's vantage point they are fun to watch. A lot of them play out like mini soap operas. Betrayal, jealousy, spying, revenge.

Once I almost got dragged into one. A woman came to my office and asked me to watch the emails of her guy, just too see if he was sending any emails to another woman. People are level headed, but when it comes to love, all bets are off.

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a thought

by Jaqui In reply to Workplace Romances

it is a rare couple indeed that can successfully share over 50% of their time.

Which really only means that our differences, in work or play, are what gives us something to communicate with each other about. this communication is how we grow our relationships. a couple just starting out in a relationship that doesn't need the time apart is very rare.

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