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Workspace. addon idea...

By Jaqui ·
and Question..

When is the Shared Project functionality going to be implemented? any timeline on it?

for a test of that, why not have some members collaborate on a site script that duplicates TR's, with the feature requests that have been most frequently asked for.

it may require adding something like cvs or subversion tools to the workspace though.
[ or one member putting a version control server space up for it. ]
if that happens then that same box could also be used as a platform for testing the script with.

since this script could become part of the foundation for further TR improvements, I doubt that such a project would ever become visible to the general membership, which is why I posted the idea in here.

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by apotheon In reply to so that then

Does this mean I finally have to learn XML beyond XHTML?

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by Jaqui In reply to crap

but python, perl and php all have xslt modules to work with xml without having to code in xml.

but xml isn't hard, it's a core for markup languages. that's all it is, the base for which to base a specialised markup on.

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Why not SIGs?

by Stephen Howard-Sarin In reply to Workspace. addon idea...

Jaqui started this thread talking about Shared Projects in Workspace -- functionality that's at least a couple months away. So why focus this (very cool) idea of TR team development on new software for big, public discussions? Why not build something that works best for smaller groups of people, like a Shared Project?

Think of it as the difference between building software for a BBS (which exist by the dozens) and building something for a SIG.

I am not a coder, and you can choose do focus on whatever you like. Just one man's opinion.

Stephen Howard-Sarin
VP, Business Technology Portfolio (incl. TR)
CNET Networks

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two items..

by Jaqui In reply to Why not SIGs?

1) what do you mean by SIG?

2) I started it asking about the shared projects, in order to get a community driven project to create the big project. :)

kind of a put your money where your mouth is to the Membership. Since we do complain about the bugs, and request features to be added, most of us do have the skills, so lets get an entire big content management script together that has the features we ask for, that TR intends to have, and that, hopefully, is bug free.

Yes, a big project.
Yes, a lot of work.
But, for a lot of people in the TR Insider group it's also a learning experience.

The benefit of going after the larger project: CNET / TR don't have to expose any data to members that we don't already have access to. [ outside of features not implemented yet ] No database structure, no access to confidential areas / services.

When completed, altering the database to fit the current one(s) breaks the specific knowledge we would have of the functionality behind TR.

The participants would have the knowledge that we contributed in a very concrete way to the site, and TR gains the PR bonanza of being able to state that the site was scripted by the community.

Those who participate also wind up feeling much better about TR, since we would know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that TR does accept input from members, more than seeing response to complaints alone shows.

All members would know that not only is TR a community site, it is the most responsive community site on the web. [ ie: even phpnuke's website doesn't include all features available for phpnuke ]

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An empty shell from current data

by jdclyde In reply to two items..

so a conversion program could be written to pull the existing data into the new structure, once it would be ready to be put in place.

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by Jaqui In reply to An empty shell from curre ...

I would bet that TR's staff coders would change the db specific data in the script to fit the current db.

obscurity of data structure is a defense against hacking of the site.

and that is 4 of the six for sure.

so two more to get Trivia Geek to work on the Administration of TR for permission.

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Dam you Jacqui

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to actually

You certainly pick your time don't you?

Not when I've got heaps of spare time but you have to bring up this when I'm run off my feet You Bar steward

Yes I'm interested though I haven't punched any serious code for quite some time and right at the moment I'll only have after midnight to have a play. I'm game.


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not me..Trivia Geek..

by Jaqui In reply to Dam you Jacqui

he's the one that started the ball rolling.

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OK since you are so willing to blame Jay

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to not me..Trivia Geek..

I'll overlook the Peer Mail pointing me to this site and arrange directly with Jay to have Beth in her Leather Suit and Boots standing by to whip you into shape.

Or should that have just read whip you?

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to not me..Trivia Geek..


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