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Workspace. addon idea...

By Jaqui ·
and Question..

When is the Shared Project functionality going to be implemented? any timeline on it?

for a test of that, why not have some members collaborate on a site script that duplicates TR's, with the feature requests that have been most frequently asked for.

it may require adding something like cvs or subversion tools to the workspace though.
[ or one member putting a version control server space up for it. ]
if that happens then that same box could also be used as a platform for testing the script with.

since this script could become part of the foundation for further TR improvements, I doubt that such a project would ever become visible to the general membership, which is why I posted the idea in here.

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SIG = Special Interest Group

by Stephen Howard-Sarin In reply to two items..

Sorry for being unclear.

I'm just suggesting that the community coders should focus on areas that minimally overlap with our internal development plans.

We want to create Shared Projects for smaller groups to collaborate (kinda like what's happening in this thread), but we know we won't get it done soon. So that would be an area where the talents and sweat of the community would be a huge advance.

Coding up, say, a better BBS for the main discussions would be highly redundant with our internal efforts, and less efficient.

Or not. The focus of this project is up to you folks!

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by Jaqui In reply to SIG = Special Interest Gr ...

I subscribe to the opinion that the only truly stupid question is one you don't ask. :)

While getting the shared project script would be faster, the interest is in more than just one small area like that.

The Discussions may be the most active, but the TQ&A is one that generates the most strong opinions on issues.

The overall layout also causes quite few complaints.

Getting the community to actually commit does require making sure that the areas that generate the most feeling in the members be addressed.
[ look at how long the shared project post that started this thread took to get a reply, yet as soon as it was tied into general site improvements it took off. ]

in any community [ read volunteer ] driven project, the member interest defines the area to be addressed.

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this brings up a point, though . . .

by apotheon In reply to Thanks

It makes sense to me to try to guide the focus, first off, toward functionality that isn't covered heavily by current site architecture (and toward functionality that simply doesn't work well). In some cases this would involve serious overlap, and in some cases not so much.

I'd like to see a very decoupled design for this so that we get a bunch of modular pieces that can be combined to form the Voltron of your choosing in setting up a website. In particular, I'd like something I'd be willing to use elsewhere, as well as something for TR itself to use.

We should discuss what sort of licensing to attach to our code, too. I favor something akin to the BSD license, personally, but with inheritance characteristics. Maybe my first concrete contribution to the project should be to finish the damned next release version of CCD CopyWrite once and for all, finally, so we can use that (assuming others don't object to it as a distribution license for the project).

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I agree

by Jaqui In reply to this brings up a point, t ...

with both points.
we do need to look at the available licenses and pick one. [ as I posted above, I would argue against the gnu-gpl ]

and a modular design is the only true method for something like this.

the base is the authentication of members, news / articles [ site specific ] and site admin functions. everything outside of that is a module that adds the functionality.

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For those going to participate...

by Jaqui In reply to Workspace. addon idea...

in this scripting project.

I've set up a new domain, and sub domain for it with a hosting company.

I'll get a wiki or blog running on it, where we can bang out the details as soon as the dns resolves.

only those who are participating will be given the url.
[ Though the TR staffer who will be our liason with TR on it will also get the data ]

I'll also start a mailing list for the project, where participants can keep in contact through the list if desired.

The benefit of not using TR's hardware is we don't add a lot of traffic to the system, which is throwing errors enough.

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hot damn

by apotheon In reply to For those going to partic ...
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Can we have some test data

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Workspace. addon idea...

How about every discussion started by Proteus in the last two years. If we can cope with the EL Thread ....

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very good point

by apotheon In reply to Can we have some test dat ...

That would be the test of scalability at this point.

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Trivia Geek has requested..

by Jaqui In reply to Workspace. addon idea...

in his blog entry:

that we all post in this thread:

if we are going to participate.
I guess to make sure there is a list that he can work with easily of who is participating.

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I would love to help

by stargazerr In reply to Trivia Geek has requested ...

This is a brilliant idea Jaqui. I have spent all of this morning (however little has gone by yet) reading this thread and skipping (mentally).

I dont know as of yet which languages and open source platforms you guys are going to use, since nothing much has been decided. But I would love to help where I can.


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