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workstation slowly losing disk space

By lmoseley ·
I have a workstation that is slowly losing disk space. It is XP pro w/ SP2. I have ran two different spyware scans, 2 different virus scans (all full scans) and it came back clean. At first I thought it was a hard drive going bad. I cloned the drive to another new hard drive and the problem still persists. Last night I left the machine with over 14 GB free on the primary partition. This morning it has less than 9 GB. This machine was unplugged from the internet all last night. I (believe) have ruled out a virus and/or spyware. I have ruled out it being a faulty hard drive. I am at a loss to what it could possibly be. Any suggestions?

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Have I missed something ?

by JohnPh In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

The man says he has found the problem - and a solution - and still the replies keep coming: 2-3 days later !!

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Thank You JohnPh!!!

by lmoseley In reply to Have I missed something ?

I didn't want to say anything because I welcome any and all suggestions, but I have to agree with you on this one. I did find the problem and posted a solution. I am considering this thread closed.

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You are welcome ...

by JohnPh In reply to Thank You JohnPh!!!

.. someone had to say it !!

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Try running TreeSize Professional

by fjames In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

I use it all the time for administering our systems. You can probably solve this problem with the eval copy.

They have a nice licensing scheme -- one license can be used either a) by one user on multiple computers (good for a tech), or b) by multiple users on one computer (good for a shared server).

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by wmlundine In reply to Try running TreeSize Prof ...

I had a client with a virus that filled the disk with garbage-small files scattered throughout the disk-client resistant to clean install. Treesize saved the day. Eval is free and very useful.

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Use TreeSize To Monitor The HDD

by Aakash Shah In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

Run Tree Size ( and see how large each folder is. Then, every couple of hours, re-run Tree Size to see which folder is growing. This will help you track which folder is growing.

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mcAfee , BestFtp explorer

by helder.velez In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

in past a problem related with McAfee antivirus,
caused a problem like that one at work
( a file in c:\WINNT\Temp\???\.. is increasing until it uses all available space )
the name of the file was known to me, and as far as I can guess was choosen when I used the BestFTP explorer, but not sure.. )
The problem disapeared with newer version of viruscan was installed (problably a reinstalation was enough).
( with 'ePolicy Orchestrator Agent' and 'Net Op Host' running in background, and software is updated by nightly SMS updates)

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Are you using Trend Micro

by shirtbird In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

Are you using Trend Micro as your antivirus solution?

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losing drive space

by paul.haviland.ctr In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

You may have a built in backup or image program that images your drive after hours as no limit is put on the number of images can be stored. Set your viw to see hidden files

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losing hard drive space out of nothing

by pizzolondon In reply to workstation slowly losing ...

Interestingly, just last week I got delivery of a DELL XPS 1530 with 500gb (429gb actual size)windows Vista Home Pemium, and from day one my hard drive space has been decreasing by the hour. Did not install or downloaded anything but within a week I lost 27gb!!! Thats driving me crazy!!! I tried to contact DELL support and they said they had never heard of that before (which was strange becouse I see many cases on the subject in website forums), so they passed me to the software department which wanted to charge me 57 sterling pounds to fix the problem!!! Is that a daylight robbery or what? Whats going on here???

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