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World and dog to be IT pros

By waity85 ·
Apologises in advance if this has been asked before, or just that no-one is interested, but this is my first post so here goes...

Why is it that every man and his dog believe that because they have a PC in their house that they have what it takes to be an IT professional?

For example a client is currently setting up a new environment and is constantly asking advice, and then ignoring it.

The latest trick is that because he has a server configured to do X, he can build another server that also does X. Even though he paid someone else to build the server and doesn't seem to have a clue how it actually works.

So on this logic I need to ask:
Does owning a chemistry set mean I can work for a pharmaceutical company?

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Sounds like your doing a good job

by waity85 In reply to Well I've read all the ab ...

As I've had to try and re-clarify the point of clients wanting to do things for themselves several times, I think I possibly was clear enough in my initial post.

The clients that I'm curious about aren't trying to handle the IT requirements of their company. They are setting up as service providers to other companies. I just can't see the logic behind trying to provide a service in a field where you have limit abilty yourself.

Although thinking about it judging by their cars maybe I'm the fool and not them?

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Well from what I've seen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sounds like your doing a ...

They Network and if someone has got something to work everyone of his business associates thinks that He/She is an Expert who can help them. When the truth of the matter is that they generally just fluked the solution and even then went about it the expensive way as they knew no better and had no one to tell them differently.

I now get asked to fix the Electronics in Heavy Earth Moving Equipment which I know absolutely nothing at all about but because I can setup their network they think that I know everything relating to anything electronic. :^0

It got a bit nasty a little over a year ago as I was standing beside a Excavator with my MB sitting on a track with the diagnostic tools plugged in and the thing took off all by itself and crushed my NB.

But they didn't hesitate to pay for a replacement one and I was insistent that I knew absolutely nothing about the equipment but as their Fitter didn't have a NB to plug into the unit I was Volunteered to help out. Now if only they had told me what the problem was I wouldn't have sat the NB on the track. :^0


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by Oz_Media In reply to World and dog to be IT pr ...

Get on ething straight, if people own something these days, they are masters of it too.

Buy a sports car and become a rally driver (on the city streets until you and several others are dead).

Own a PC, become a tech everyone else is, why not me? The issue is that people feel because they can learn something simple like how to setup and email account and then show someone else to do it, that they know it inside out.

I used to help a guy, okay he's actually sorta slow due to an accident so I had more patience with him, with his PC all the time, and I mean daily (calls, visits etc.).

He would hopver around while i was working on his PC and it drove me nuts because I knew whatever I did, he woul dtry it himself as soon as I left. If it didn't work, he would call a fe wother friends without a clue and try to fix it, because he wouldn't want to call me by then, and I would end up patching all of their mistakes too.

If I reformatted and reinstalled his OS, he woul ddo the same as soon as I left, but would fail miserably at getting the right drivers and such so it would be all screwed up.

Just don't help fools, they will help themselves. Let some other new admin deal with them, some other 'MASTER because he owns a PC' can help them. Don't waste your time.

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They can talk the talk

by mjd420nova In reply to World and dog to be IT pr ...

But can they walk the walk?? I've had to train
and breakin new employees, and it can and truly
a LIVING ****. How these people managed to get
a degree or certification is beyond me. And the
gall of those who attempt to mooch skills from
others and try to take credit. I keep my crews
divided into two catagories-- Techs and gorrillas
No digs or disrespect to those who don't have
but the rudimentary skills, like identifing
a monitor, a PC, a printer, but if you can't
do the work I'm not gonna make that part of your
job. Can you handle simple instructions and find
this unit in this room in this building??
Big enough to do the lifting but gentle enough
to handle the equipment with care.

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oh boy there you go....

by nazil dsouza In reply to World and dog to be IT pr ...

......... let me ask you one question ? why are human beings not at all happy with whatever they have. It does not matter how rich and flamboyant you are....... you still have that tendency to make some extra bucks dont you ? well, all through the evolution of mankind the tendency to get someting more than what others have is common to our intellectual. So its no good that he stops doing that. And Finally when he does not succeed its time to wait for some help........

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Online resource for computer technical support

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to World and dog to be IT pr ...

Perhaps you should direct your client to for assistance. According to one testimonial on the site:
" Like everybody else, I have been confounded by computer problems. Thanks to you and your tips and tricks, I am now an IT guru, and I solve other people's tech woes. You're awesome! "

Michael Rosoft
If nothing else, you and your client should have a good laugh.

Craig Herberg

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