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World of Warcraft TR Meeting

By jmgarvin ·
Ok meeting time: Tuesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST, 8pm Central, and 7pm MST).

So, the server will be Duskwood (PvE)...which will mean the noobs will have an easier time...

The possible players

1) jmgarvin - Cervisia
2) stargazer - ???
3) shellbot - ???
4) Bill Detwiler - Keres
5) Mark W. Kaelin - Elkwinkarma
6) Brother Kaelin - Dozark
7) jdclyde - razzor
WDMail - Slydah
9) FirstPeter - Alterthorn
10) mike_hutton - Catervarii
11) phil.stratton@ - Helmbreckt
12) hkdtech - ???
13) Jellimonsta - ???
14) ddemoya@ - Bonky
15) Deezone13 - Deezone or mojoman

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Sun on the horizon

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to patch download two daze i ...

The have announed a completely new authentication and login system is coming soon - the current one has been problematic for them since the beginning.

Fingers crossed!

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The authentication things was due to patch issues

by jmgarvin In reply to patch download two daze i ...

I think that is resloved.

If you keep having to patch, run the BNetupdater.exe manually. This should hook you up to the correct patch and make you current.

I say this because sometimes the game doesn't auto update via the updater...I don't know why.

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Teamspeak or Vent servers

by jason.hart In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

Know of a good TeamSpeak or Vent Server to use. I have my own but limited Bandwidth and even people that dont like talking can at least be heard heh ... was just curio

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A Vent server would be nice

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to Teamspeak or Vent servers

Ventrilo is great for communicating during the heat of combat, particullarly during instance runs. We don't have one yet--might be able to set one up on our test network. Unless someone else already has one.

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I don't have the upstream

by jmgarvin In reply to A Vent server would be ni ...

I love vent (although it is wonky on my install, but I think that is my own stupidity rather than actual Vent problems)

If I had the upstream I'd do it...It would be awesome to have a good vent server going.

I second the motion!

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trouble in paradise

by jdclyde In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

system is acting up. thought it was video card because it would only reboot on me while playing high end games. replaced video, but still crashing.

will be replacing power supply tonight, and inspecting the MB to see if it is acting up. (was informed early AMD systems had this as a common problem, giving this symptom)

When/If I finally catch up with everyone, if I just disapear, that is why.....

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I think I know the answer....

by Jellimonsta In reply to trouble in paradise

but I am going to ask the question anyway.

You do not have your system to auto-reboot on stop errors do you? I know you have offered this answer in Tech Q&A, so I imagine you do not, but the only stupid question is the one not asked, so I did.

Any chance you can take a look at RAM? Did you add the additional 512MB? If so, can you remove it and see if the problem is still evident, or maybe take out the original stick?

Hey, wait a minute.....
I am sorry, this question is more suited for Tech Q&A, please post in that section for a more timely resolution!

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never made it as a tq&a

by jdclyde In reply to I think I know the answer ...

my big thing was to see what people are doing to troubleshoot hardware.

It was more of an example of ONE of the problems I am tryint to resolve, and people jumped on it! (got to love TR!)

I will be trying the ideas and will make an honest tq&a if it isn't resolved.


No, I never upgraded the memory yet. There is a single 512 right now. No, I don't have any other pc2100 ram around to swap it out with.
It has been doing this for a while.
System does auto boot, but never looked if "on stop errors". Will check.

Got a bud going to lend me a 1900 cpu and a mother board so I can swap that stuff out one at a time. If he remembers to bring it tomorrow, I should have this resolved by the play on Sunday! B-)

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by Jellimonsta In reply to never made it as a tq&a

It's cool. B-) I was just kidding about the TQ&A.

Hope you figure it out, it would suck for you to get this thing rolling and then not be able to play! X-(

I don't play games any more, otherwise I would probably join in. Plus, I don't have the spare corn for the subscription fee anyway. Stupid family and their need for food!

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got new parts today!

by jdclyde In reply to B-)

a bud set me up with three MB's and CPU's, so I can start swaping out parts to fix this system AND make a second system for my boys to play whatever while I am on Wow!

My system should be stable by tomorrow!

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