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World of Warcraft TR Meeting

By jmgarvin ·
Ok meeting time: Tuesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST, 8pm Central, and 7pm MST).

So, the server will be Duskwood (PvE)...which will mean the noobs will have an easier time...

The possible players

1) jmgarvin - Cervisia
2) stargazer - ???
3) shellbot - ???
4) Bill Detwiler - Keres
5) Mark W. Kaelin - Elkwinkarma
6) Brother Kaelin - Dozark
7) jdclyde - razzor
WDMail - Slydah
9) FirstPeter - Alterthorn
10) mike_hutton - Catervarii
11) phil.stratton@ - Helmbreckt
12) hkdtech - ???
13) Jellimonsta - ???
14) ddemoya@ - Bonky
15) Deezone13 - Deezone or mojoman

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Don't worry lassie!

by jdclyde In reply to time

For I will probably be on all the time on weekends! (evenings that is)

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You'll want to roll....

by WDMail In reply to dang..

...a female troll. :~)

They are the most attractive female race on the Horde side.

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by Shellbot In reply to You'll want to roll....

how does one rate the attractiveness of a Troll ?

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Probably by

by jdclyde In reply to attractive

the size of the rack? :0

It was funny, over the weekend I played a game called City of Villans, and when you are designing your character, one option for the women was the size of said rack. Some dork somewhere probably has gotten all excited over the CG girls on-line. How sad.....

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Most humanlike

by WDMail In reply to attractive

Toren - cow like appearance...literally. Kinda cuddly though. :)
Undead - sections of flesh are missing. I try not to look at these very closely.
Orc - Ehh...partially humanoid looks. Not terrible.
Troll - They have the least distortion from human appearance.

When you get to the screen to create a character, you can see what they all look like. Some classes are race dependant though. For example, only Toren's can be a druid.

I would read about the class before choosing a "skin". Ultimately, you have to determine what sort of role in a group setting you'd like to play.

Maybe another thread should be started discussing what classes are needed.

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by jmgarvin In reply to gender and race

It doesn't matter what gender you all, they are both the same.

Races are pretty mostly only have differences in basic starting weapons and some passive traits. There are some active traits like stomp for Tauren (stun the enemy for 2 sec) or stone form for dwarves (cleanse your body of all poison effect)...etc...However, it doesn't make THAT much of a difference what race you are.

You can (as far as I know) as many characters as you'd like. However, I think the cap is 5 per server...

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I am surprised in part

by jdclyde In reply to Answers

that you don't have your standard brute strenght vs speed trade-off for gender.

I need to get the game tonight, and make a few practice characters just to go through the process. I am sure I will have more questions after making a few practice characters. I assume they are easy to delete if you choose to get rid of old characters?

Question, how do we initially find each other? I assume there is some kind of friend list?

I would think we would need to know what Key Keepers account is and center around that to get started?

(sorry to be such a royal pain!) ;\

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Deletion is easy

by jmgarvin In reply to I am surprised in part

Sure...You can just type:
/friend <name>

That'll add the toon to the friends list.

I think we also added one? WDmail you in?

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Choose the class that fits your style and a name that fits the character

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to gender and race

As jmgarvin stated, gender really doesn't impact gameplay--only apperance. Each race's passive traits can make that race more apt at a specific class (warrior, mage, warlock, rogue, priest, paladin, shaman, hunter, etc.). For example, Undead (Horde) and Gnomes (Alliance) make particullarly good warlocks. Each have passive traits that benefit a warlock. This doesn't mean that you can't be successful as a human warlock--my main is a human warlock.

Web sites like Gamespot, Thottbot, and Allakhazam all have links to good character/class guides. You can also google yourself plenty of information.

More important than race is class. Pick a style that fits the experience you want to have. Do you want to do small amounts of ranged damage while a pet "tanks" (does melee damage)? If so, a hunter or warlock are probably you class of choice. If you prefer to wade into content swords and axes swinging, then goes with a warrior. If you want to do lots of ranged or area of effect (AOE) damage a mage could be you best bet. And if you want to play a critical support role choose a priest.

Just remember that each class has positives and negatives. Mages can cause a lot of spell damage but are useless in melee combat. I really comes down to personal choice.

As for number of characters, you can have a maximum of 10 characters at any one time. I'm not sure if there's a limit on any one given server.

As for names, I always like choosing a name that fits the character. For example, my warlock is named Maero--Latin for sorrow. My paladin is named Thaddeaus--Latin for courageous.

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8 pm Central???

by stargazerr In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

Thats like 2 AM UK time ... I think. The summer time correction has left me confused ~Scratches Head~


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