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World of Warcraft TR Meeting

By jmgarvin ·
Ok meeting time: Tuesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST, 8pm Central, and 7pm MST).

So, the server will be Duskwood (PvE)...which will mean the noobs will have an easier time...

The possible players

1) jmgarvin - Cervisia
2) stargazer - ???
3) shellbot - ???
4) Bill Detwiler - Keres
5) Mark W. Kaelin - Elkwinkarma
6) Brother Kaelin - Dozark
7) jdclyde - razzor
WDMail - Slydah
9) FirstPeter - Alterthorn
10) mike_hutton - Catervarii
11) phil.stratton@ - Helmbreckt
12) hkdtech - ???
13) Jellimonsta - ???
14) ddemoya@ - Bonky
15) Deezone13 - Deezone or mojoman

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Unable to register

by WingedMonkey In reply to Registration required

I might have to try on a day I haven't been slamming cold frosties.

Let it be known that:

Virulentrage, the Warrior Babe, lvl 11 is leaving a path of carnage in her path.

Acon, the lvl 15 Orc Warrior is creating a legend.,

Acon is my 13 year old son, he'd like to join to if that is allowed.

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Some Help

by johnm In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

Hi guys,

I have been playing WoW for some time now, however i am on a different server so wont see you on.

This site will help you with general questions and your quests- (i used this to help with quests)

This site has all the items you could possible get in WoW and a summary on how much you can sell them for on the Auction House -

Good luck with your guild and quests :)

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To Sum it all up...

by mmathat In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

As I have been reading, this is the gist of what I believe:

Server: Duskwood
Faction: Horde
Guild: Technologia

Assuming I have that correct, then the next questions to be answered are:

What Classes so far? (I plan of playing a Tauren Hunter as they have the best starting area in relation to the other Horde races. The undead city SUCKS to navigate out of and so does Orgimarr.)

What Tradeskillers do we have, and where are we weak? (I will be doing Alchemy and Herbalism)

Is there going to be a Guild webpage or are we using the TR? If we have our own, what is the URL and who is webmaster? (I have some ideas... think we can find an IT savy person to host it? LOL)

If the name is availible I will be:

Tauren Hunter

I am already Argentfury, Dwarven Hunter 60th Gun
Bloodhoof Server
Guardians of Veeshan

Feel free to Email me the responses to:
(Please use this email as I don't like gaming related email at work... the SysAdmin might rat me out to my boss...
~~~~~~> Systems Administrator ;^)

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by jmgarvin In reply to To Sum it all up...

That is spot on...We'll catch you on the server!

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by hkdtech In reply to To Sum it all up...

I'm doing skinning and mining. Mostly for money-making but to supply other tradeskillers in the guild if wanted.

Heh, on the flip side of that starting city coin; I actually find The Undercity to be much easier to navigate (yes, even navigating out of) than Thunder Bluff. It was confusing at first, but knew the place like the back of my hand after a couple of days.

I do agree that Orgrimmar is quite tedious and confusing though.

At any rate, glad you joined us and hope to see you online! :-?

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It's always something

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to To Sum it all up...

A Web site would be nice - we can use the TR Wiki, which should provide the basics.

Whatever can be done on the Wiki we can do - it is open to all. If you have skills in Wikidom, be my guest. Nothing illegal of course - we can't sell Wow gold or that kind of stuff.

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I know it's early...

by BSchmidt In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

...but should you guys want to venture into the PvP world start a guild up on Nathrezim server. I can hook you guys up with cash and items. I'd start a new character but I'm trying to get my Night Elf Rogue to lvl 60 ASAP...

a friend of mine and I are racing to get to Grand Marshal (and he's winning considerably).

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PVP Servers suck but Battle Grounds ROCK!!!!!!

by mmathat In reply to I know it's early...

While I am not one of the Carebear Folk, I really hated to play on a PVP Server. Everytime I turned around a 60th Undead Rogue would come running through Goldshire ganking all the level 6-12 people.
It got to the point where we would only slow him down by having him climb over our piles of corpses! (For those of you who are new, objects can block LOS but not movement for the most part).
Of course on the Bloodhoof Server my character, Argentfury the Hunter, has achieved Sgt. I was higher but slipped back. I am 100% in support of anyone who wants to hit the battlegrounds.
And since the Duskwood Server is realitively new there won't be the nutcases running around having spent 500g on twinkage.

On the Bloodhoof Server there is a Gnome Rogue who is level 19. He has over 34,000 kills!!!!!!!!
He is fully equipped with the Defias Set and a pair of Cruel Barbs ( that are each enchanted with Lifetap.
His other gear has over 400gold worth of Enchantments and he says he NEVER plans to level over 19. In any War Song Gulch Battleground (WSG BG) he is in turns into a ***** fest about twinks. He has also NEVER played as a team member. He will often camp in the Horde graveyard, stealthed. He then ganks the respawned enemies. While this racks up your kills it is seen as VERY POOR sportsmanship.

Luckily the Duskwood doesn't seem to have this issue yet.
Also, people, the rewards for completing the BG quests are very nice! Its difficult to match the quality of the BG items until you're hunting the Molten Core!

Just my 2cp worth!

Argentfury, Tauren Hunter of Duskwood

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It's official - We are guilded

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

As of about midnight (EST) last night, Technologia is officially a guild on the Duskwood server in World of Warcraft.

Voldormort was the 8th signature. The 9th and final signature of the charter came from a random troll running by. I didn't want to do a drive by sign request, but I wanted to get the guild up and running.

The Trolls name was Lakuu and told her that she is welcome in the guild, but released her from further obligation if she has other plans or opportunities.

I promoted the charter signees to officer status so you can add members as they arrive on the scene. See you in game.


P.S. I can now make 8 slot wool bags - send me wool when you can. 9 wool per bag

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Thanks so much!

by ddemoya In reply to It's official - We are gu ...

I really appreciate all the work you did in getting the guild started. Having the guild chat available now is a great help!

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