worried about weird google drive path name

By masplin ·
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I am a used of dropbox and sharepoint, but recently been asked to use google drive a new project. Looking at the path of the shared files I see this path G.shortcut-targets-by-id\1a6gUUBhfG4DfMMzr9ohfqUfYIqddmfgB\3. Products. If dropbox or sharepoint you get English e.g. G:\Dropbox\3.Products. Firstly is this normal or we have messed something up? secondly these are files owned by a user shared with me, but we are looking to move to the team drive so would this go away?

My concern is i write lots of models that need fixed path references to link to supporting files. not only is the path unreasonable gibberish, wondering if it changes over time (some kind of security thing) or if the gibberish is fixed. if it changes my models will **** up.

Any advice preferable to turn this into a neat unchanging path would be appreciated.

I also just discovered if I start on the top folder and work down the folders are in English. however if I go backup the tree the folders are in gibberish. This just cant be right.

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Seems that's normal.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to worried about weird googl ...

It can irritate some but I've seen this for years.

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by masplin In reply to Seems that's normal.

So will the gibberish stay fixed or will it change with time? Seems odd to be so rubbish compared to competitors. real lack of clarity.


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For me it stayed like this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thanks

This is not like some USB disk drive or a classic network share so who knows exactly why it is like this. I can only share that it's looked like this for many many years.

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