Worst-case Scenario

By santeewelding ·
Is that my door is blown and breached. Agents with MP5s take me one way, and the computer another -- both to secrete and violate with intrusive inspection.

My anti-malware is not up to this.

What is?

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Total Unobtrusivity

by LocoLobo In reply to Worst-case Scenario

Become totally unobtrusive. Sell all your possessions including your computer. Move to a cave. Live off of lizards & rats. The agents with MP5s will leave you alone. The social workers... I dunno

BTW: leave yourself at least one change of clothes, clean or not. :)

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Jean Claude Van Damme

by NexS In reply to Worst-case Scenario

They say he can crush a walnut between his cheeks.
Might be worth learning for this very security breach...

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