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Worst cases of troubleshooting

By spidershrek ·
Yesterday while perfoming a check up on a printer, I dicovered a "scrunchie" inside the toner of a laserjet printer. What is the worst thing that has happenned to you?

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The MS bug er' feature??

by Raven2 In reply to Blank pages at the end of ...

My partner uses Word for some of her work: it sometimes does weird formating stuff that defies understanding. I think she might hit some key combinations that were not intended to be known by mortal man. I have taught her to copy the useful bits and paste to a new doc, it works most of the time.

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The user with the newest stuff

by Too Old For IT In reply to Need a new computer

Had a user one time who had gotten her job, desk location, PC, etc mostly as a result of being friends with the owner's wife.

She had an early factory install of WinXP pro while the company standard was Win2000, and the program sent over from the company who did our document storage absolutely did NOT work on XP. Certified in writing not to. And it didn't.

Every day, she would stomp down the hallway, bang open the metal door to the computer lab, and announce in a loud, arrogant New York City accent "It's not working again!!!"

The best time tho was when the owner, ever the buzzword man, was in the lab, talking about interruptions to the workflow, why things weren't getting done in an orderly way, 800-lb gorillas in the room, yadda ... when she came stomping down the hall, and did her announcement.

Strange, we never heard about any of those topics from him ever again.

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New Dumb terminal

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

in new office, RS232 comms, would n't work.
Spend ages, changing line drivers, monitors, comms cards, tracing cables.
Turned out the 'tricians who did the wiring, used a terminal faceplate in the dado rail. They have two connectors. For those a little more recent than I RS232 uses four wires in two pairs, one for send and one for recieve. They'd connected one pair to each terminal. Put loopback on either end you get a response, discovered the problem by accident when I got a loop back response when one end was disconnected.

Troubleshooting tip number one, don't assume the guys who told you what the problem was knew what the problem was even if you're still at gopher level and very damp behind the ears.

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Hard life me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to New Dumb terminal

terminal out on plant and every now and then the display would go completely haywire, outputting control chararers messing up the display so it had to be rebooted or reset. They'd layed in a temporary cable for it and conveniently wrapped it round a near by power cable. 450v lighting circuit for the fluorescents in the warehouse. Computer lost it everytime they turned the lights on.

Wouldn't say it was the worst, but my favourite was.
I got a report that a terminal had stopped working, swapped it out for a spare, booked a call into the maintenance contractors.
He takes the case off and there was half a litre of dried emulsion over the power supply. Silly buggers who were painting the office, slopped some on top of it, which went through the vents. They simply cleaned the top and said nowt.

I aren't even going to explain ten keyboards breaking down in the same morning or the time I got called out for a vacuum cleaner.

Ah the good old days of support.

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Vacuum Cleaner???

by DMambo In reply to Hard life me

That's even worse than the copier that we all get called to fix!!!

I once created a help desk call by swaping the "A" and "E" covers on a guy's keyboard. He was a two finger typer and never caught on. Helpdesk had him change keyboards after a while which got him going only because I failed to get to the next keyboard before he did. Even after getting going again, he never compared the keyboards to get to the root of the problem.

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Good job my old boss doesn't post here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Vacuum Cleaner???

The two-to-ten guy played a joke on the technophobe on the night shift. Reversed his numeric key pad. My boss was on call, had to come out at 2 in the morning. He got really stroppy because everyone else thought it was funny. Still looking for the cuplrit.
What shift were you on ?

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It's no good, Tony

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hard life me

I've tried not to post this for the past two hours, but you've got the better of me...

You're going to have to explain the vacuum cleaner at the very least, and I'd love the explanation to the ten keyboards, too....

Stop leaving me in suspenders!


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Vacuum Cleaners & Keyboards

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It's no good, Tony

Approx 1:30 in the am I get a call from a guy in the planning office. His terminal had just stopped working. He'd been using it earlier.All the usual tricks didn't work including the ubiquitous Off and On. So cycled the two miles in to work, checked in with security, Walked to the other end of plant, Cleaner was still there, now had the buffer plugged in in the socket for the line driver power supply !

Some weeks later, I was on the early moring stint, separating print-outs, neatening fanfold and doing other highly technical tasks. Sales start ambling in around nine-ish, get a phone call, keyboard not working. Get a spare out of the rack to take up with the prints. Another phone call, and another, and another. That's all my spares, so I get two more phone calls. Suspecting a practical joke, I decided to go investigate. Keyboards were suspiciously clean
and dripped when you picked them up , smelt of lemon too. New cleaner had decided to give all the keyboards in the office a thorough wash. Had to open them all up, empty the water out of them and then dry them out on radiators. I was reasonably practiced at this as the sales types were occasionally careless with mugs of coffee after a dinner time ale. Though ten at once did exhaust my radiator capacity.

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United parcel service UPS

by zlitocook In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

I was a field service tech for them in 1999 and 2000. They loan computer to good shipping customers. Almost all calls were bad, on one the help desk walked the user through all the trouble shooting steps. The computer and printer would not work, oh they are also given a scale. I get to the site two and half hours from office and find that they put the package on scale and nothing happens. Well there was a power outage and nothing was working! What can you do but say wait until the power comes back on and get back to the car and laugh your but off.

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Can't print

by ryan.williamson In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

Users call us from time to time telling us their printer doesn't work, and they need a new one. Funny how they have to be plugged into the AC outlet to work....

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