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Worst cases of troubleshooting

By spidershrek ·
Yesterday while perfoming a check up on a printer, I dicovered a "scrunchie" inside the toner of a laserjet printer. What is the worst thing that has happenned to you?

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Not a scrunchie

by Tink! In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

There was an HP Laserjet 5L in Accounting. One day they got a paper jam. And of course it wasn't the typical ordinary paper jam you could easily remove if you knew what you were doing, but a paper completely crunched up and wedged all in the fuser unit. Which on the 5L is not particularly easy to open up. After about an hour of picking, poking, pulling and unscrewing this or that, I finally got it out.
Needless to say I was extremely perturbed when they did it all over again, an hour later.

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Paper is easy

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not a scrunchie

Wait 'til some twit puts a photo-copier transparency in one.

'We bought photo-copier ones because they are much cheaper'. Prinetrs are cheaper than photo-copiers as well, tad more expensive than a box of transparencies though.

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along the lines of "hot rollers"

by Tink! In reply to Paper is easy

My current boss decided to try some laminating, by himself.

First he tried to feed the doc from the wrong direction and w/o a carrier. Needless to say he forced it in far enough so the rollers that normally push it out, pulled it in and wrapped the laminate around themselves. I had to take the laminator completely apart to get the laminate off of the rollers.

He warned me that he had another laminating job to do a few minutes later. I quickly placed a label on the laminator with an arrow pointing the correct feed side and direction! Figured this would prevent problems right?

This time he used a carrier but approx. 1/4 inch of leftover laminate stuck out of the carrier. Needless to say this small bit was once again grabbed by the rollers at the end and wrapped around. The poor laminator had to be taken apart again!

I think I'll do all the laminating from now on.

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by Choppit In reply to Not a scrunchie

One of the worst fuser jams I had was in a colour copier. The user had fed standard transparencies throught the copier which had melted and wrapped aroung the fixing rollers. I had to explain to the user that there were special transparencies for this purpose and the copier needed to be set so that the fixing unit would run cooler and slower.

The there was the stapled document incident.....

I also had repeated problems with the same user feeding regular label sheets through a Laserjet. When heated, the labels detach themselves from the sheet and re-attach themselves to the rollers.

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by Raven2 In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

After several months of trying find out why a customers download (2400 baud modem and 3 hour downloads)would **** up only sometimes. We caught a huge surge of noise coming down the line. It turns out that the line ran behind a small series of shops, and one of them had a very powerful MIG welder. When they turned that on it put out a very strong RF pulse that scrambled the signal on the Telco line. We rerouted his line to the Central Office.

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But it worked on Friday

by Ldyosng In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

Monday, 5 am California time, my client in Toronto calls to say their 3/4 million $$(US)software isn't working. I check our knowledge base for their complaint: nothing. I check with the head of Programming, she whacks at her keyboard for a while and says "send them this script and have them run it." No luck. The head of Customer Support says to have them change this, this and this setting. Still no luck. All this time customer is getting IRATE, swearing our software is crap and I'm an idiot. Oh, and swearing NOTHING has changed on their end. After 3 days of this, they finally deign to allow me to dial in. Whereup I immediately discover that their IS department remapped the drive where our program resided. But apparently since q and g look so much alike, that was supposed to qualify as nothing being changed. It took another two days to unscrew the undocumented "fixes" applied by my head of programming and customer support.

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Yeah, sure it is

by jdgretz In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

Back a few years ago I was working for a defense contractor. PCs were just coming in to use there and only a select number of folks had them. One very bright engineer (just ask him, he'll tell you just how smart he is) had a machine that just would not run one day. He insisted on calling in an outside vendor to troubleshoot the problem. So in comes the tech, and the area has to close down all it's classified work while the uncleared tech is there. Everyone stands around watching as the engineer shows the tech just how broken the PC is. Tech reaches around the back of the PC, plugs in the keyboard, reboots the PC and hands the engineer a bill for $125.00.


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bad users

by smogmonster In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

found a slab of processed cheese inside a cd drive a couple of months ago. also found some old dried up gum inside a floppy drive. Why do we support these goons?

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My favorite incident

by sdalek In reply to bad users

Years ago, I was supporting a laboratory information system running on a Prime 6150. I got a frantic call from a nurse in day surgery that she'd hit a wrong button on a data entry screen and now the lab printer in her area was now spewing forth forms. I told her to turn off the printer and I would be down there to take care of it when I had time. A minute later she called back more frantic saying that the printer wouldn't turn off (this was an 1980's Data South 9-pin dot matrix printer with a push button on/off which sometimes suffered a control board short the would render the system uncontrollable until you did a hard reset). I told her to unplug the printer from the outlet. Not a minute later she called back even more frantic. She'd pulled the plug on the printer but it was still printing. I went down immediately to determine what was going on only to discover that, yes, the lab printer was printing unending forms, however, what she'd unplugged was a fax machine sitting next to the lab printer. YOu can imagine that fun I've had with that one for years now.


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Life as a computer retail repair tech

by bmedlock In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

I used to work as a tech at the local Computer Renassaince. I saw all kinds of things.
There was one computer that a woman brought in that as soon as I took the cover off, cockroaches scattered EVERYWHERE! We had to have the place fumigated to get rid of them. Bug parts were burnt and stuck to the motherboard, HDD, everywhere there was circuitry they could get to. I closed it up, gave it back to her and sold her a new computer.
Another computer I looked at had a mouse next inside it and mouse urine all over the motherboard.
Probably the worst thing that every happened though was my fault. A customer said her computer rebooted everytime she was in Word. So I tested it for a week without any errors. One day I was in Word and decided to be creative so I wrote a poem about "Defective End Users". About then she walked in and asked for her computer so I shut it down real quick. Appearantly I either saved the doc in my haste, or Word recovered it because she came in the next day and yelled at my boss for an hour. Luckily I was at lunch.

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