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Worst cases of troubleshooting

By spidershrek ·
Yesterday while perfoming a check up on a printer, I dicovered a "scrunchie" inside the toner of a laserjet printer. What is the worst thing that has happenned to you?

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On line please

by Zen37 In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

This happen about 10 years ago with a HP4 printer. It was late in the evening and i was working overtime because they were moving desks around and i needed to move the PCs

Right in the middle of the move, the controler of the company comes and sees me because she cannot print her report. I tell her that i'm right in the middle of something, i will get to her as soon as i can (with a 15" screen in my hands. Back then they were pretty heavy) She insists this is urgent and she needs her document right away.

She is basically ordering me to drop what i'm doing and go and help her. Finally i do. I get there, start checking for a source of the problem, I assume it was not the obvious, which was my mistake, but anyway. After a good 4 or 5 minutes, i find nothing wrong with the printer. Finally i realise the printer was "offline" Pressed the online button and poof, the documents printed. I gave her a look that basically said "You came and bothered me because you don't know the printer is offline?!?!?"

Funny, she never came to see me again about anything after that.....ever! ;-)

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Clumsiness will be the death of peripherals!

by Tink! In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

Once I had to rescue a keyboard... from a full glass of water.

The woman had the water next to her keyboard and accidentally knocked it over, of course, onto her keyboard. Thankfully I was close by and rushed in to perform emergency surgery to dry off the inside before it caused any permanent damage. Whew!

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Water Ha!

by JamesRL In reply to Clumsiness will be the de ...

In the mide 80s I worked in sales for a few Mac dealers, and back then Mac Keyboards were only available from Apple, and cost a bloody fortune - $140 Cdn each if I recall correctly.

So I wasn't suprised when our tech was away and the call for help came from a customer. Some coke had spilled onto a keyboard and the guilty party did neither confess right away nor attempt to drain it out. Evaporation did its work, and what was left in the keyboard was a sweet sticky mess.

We were charging $50 an hour for any labour, and I think I used up a $14 can of contact cleaner (great stuff - can be found at radio shack) to dislodge the crud off all the internals. After one hour on the bench it worked like new - Apple built great keyboards. But getting there was maddening work with contact cleaner, swanbs, paper towel and elbow grease.


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good one!

by Tink! In reply to Water Ha!

alright, your coke is one up on my water. but now that i think of it I do recall having one employee who always ate lunch over his keyboard and believe you me it was full of crumbs, and dots of this or that of dry sticky liquid. I believe he went thru a cpl of keyboards during my time there. (he was the father of the pres so no fuss was ever made).

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Nothing !

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to good one!

A colleague, just persuaded mangement to upgrade his portable to a new state of the art beastie. He'd spent all day showing us how good it was compared to ours, came in the following day with a sheepish expression. That night he was reading some documents while entertaining his young child who was feeling a bit poorly. The story ends well as his kid felt much better after it had chucked up the excess partially digested milk. Good aim too. Took them two weeks to fix the machine.

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More water

by jdmercha In reply to Clumsiness will be the de ...

I had a user over-water her plant that was strategically placed on a shelf over the monitor. The water dripped down into the back of the monitor and zapped it.

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by Choppit In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

1)Years ago when I was a copier engineer I was called to a copier which was constantly jamming. The obstruction turned out to be a pack of cheese & tomato sandwiches which someone had decided to store on the paper feed bed.

2)Received a call from a user who had accidently kicked the PS/2 mouse connector from her PC. She informed me that everyone in the office had tried to reconnect it but they just couldn't screw it back in.........

3) As a bench engineer I was called to assist our IT guy who was having problems inserting (and ejecting) a CD from a new iMac. On closer inspection I discovered that he'd managed to force
two CDs, back to back into the loader.

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Copier engineer

by Choppit In reply to Troubleshooting

I once watched an 'experienced' engineer spend 2 hours gutting a colour copier to try to fix a fault where A3 images were marked. Despite my insistence that this was a reader 'fault' the engineer proceeded to take out the feed assemblies , drum, devs, fuser etc. When he went for a break I looked into the problem myself and discovered that the problem was caused by a correction fluid mark on the copyglass. I left him to figure it out for himself.............

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You name it I've seen it

by mjd420nova In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

From the usual not having the monitor plugged in and the keycap swapping bit, some of the funniest
episodes involved pests. One mouse at a petro-
chemical plant that made pesticides had collected
torn off edges of pin feed paper and stuffed it around the power supply on a dot matrix printer
and resulted in a small fire. One mose crawled
inside a large HP plotter and his eliminations
ate the printed circuit traces right of the board. One user who had placed his printer on
top of his monitor caused the monitor to fail
and the case on the printer to melt. A large
pharmacy chain had all their front counters
set up the same and experienced major numbers
of failures on printers (TI dot matrix mounted
under the counter with the printed page coming
out onto the counter) Seems all were different
failures from no carriage motion, no paper
motion and poor print quality and caused by
users loosing paper clips thru the slot unto
the platten, 68 failures in one day at 47
locations in one state.

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by wmwphl In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

I dont know this new secretary was hired but anyway ,one day she called our help desk & told us that sher can't login to her PC. So I ask one of my guys to check her out & after a minute my techsupport guy called me laghing very hard & told me that the secretary told her that " id been pressing ctrl+alt+delete as you have intructed me yesterday but still my pc wont boot". =p

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