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Worst cases of troubleshooting

By spidershrek ·
Yesterday while perfoming a check up on a printer, I dicovered a "scrunchie" inside the toner of a laserjet printer. What is the worst thing that has happenned to you?

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Soldered memory

I worked for a company configuring hardware in new PC's prior to shipping them out to customers. We had a guy call one day, stating that his NEW PC wasn't working. It seemed as though he wanted to upgrade the memory. My co-worker, who took the phone call, suggested that perhaps when he installed the new memory module, it didn't seat properly. The customer insisted that it was installed very tightly - he knew this because he "used a lighted magnifying glass when he soldered it in".

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Just a top one

by smogmonster In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

User complained that the CD in a machine was making funny noises. Had a look and what was there? A processed cheese slice - not just normal cheese which would have toasted but a piece of industrial plastic which had melted and completely screwed up the drive. Working in a school, the kids do have a wicked sense of humour, the little dolls. The frequently put gum inside the mouse ball housing and when we changed to opticals, they used liquid paper to cover the lighting. And the other one was where they prised off the keys from the keyboard and rearranged them to spell rude words across the top line.

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