Would like to know what is the IP ADD of a PC

By ashimark ·
I have 2 Devices in a local network. The first has IP ADD and the second dose not have.
Device 2 would like to "ask" device 1 what is his IP ADD and to configure is own IP ADD to be on the same subnet.
Is there in command in IP/MAC/Other the 2 can send to 1 to ask him is about IP ADD?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Would like to know what i ...

angryip scanner. It is pretty straight forward.

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What device / operating system?

by 1bn0 In reply to Would like to know what i ...

IP scanner won't help you if "device 2" does not have an IP. IP scanner will only work from a workstation that already has an IP address. It then scans each ip address in the range specified on the network and tells you if there is a response.

If there are other devices on the "local network" you can not just arbitrarily set IP address on "device 2".

Provide more information.

What is the "local network". Ifit access the internet then you have at least a "device 3".

There should be a way to determine the IP address of "devide 1" if you have legitimate access to it. Most computers / switches / routers / printers have a way of accessing that information directly.

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more information

by ashimark In reply to What device / operating s ...

Device 1 and 2 are connected via ETH cross cable so there is no other device.
Device 2 can come as a defult with any IP ADD (the problem is that it is not in the same subnet of 1)
I may have devie 1 MAC ADD so can I use Inverse ARP or somthing like that?

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Not much more information!

by 1bn0 In reply to more information

XP will default to an ip address in the
"169.254.y.z with a subnet mask of" range. If one of them achines is XP you needto configure the other to an address similar but notthe same as the xp machine. The netmask DOES need to be the same.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Would like to know what i ...

first I thought that the question was how to find out the IP address of the other device. Now with the wealth of information supplied it looks more like an assignment.

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