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Would the real Max please stand up?

By Oz_Media ·
So who is this masked man who hides behind his computer, answering questions, participating in discussions (even if closed minded)?
He is a high points achiever (if there is such a thing), a self appointed Forum Moderator (agree with him or else)and what else?
Sorry to use such a crappy line "Would the real Maxwell Edison please stand up" I HATE EMINEM!! Too much commercial bs and zero talent, but that's another RANT! So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities. (Somehow, I think the most posts will be from Mr.Edison himself).

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You have an admirer, i'm jealous

by LordInfidel In reply to The Real Oz Man is a Litt ...

I never got one of those.

I guess i've just been too nice lately.
Maybe I should start pissing people off again.

ya know though, this is one of the exact reasons why I have tried to stay away from the politcal postings here. Just too inflammatory, not very productive. Mostky sensless US bashing and our imperialistic ways.

Ya know what, I say screw it, bomb them all......
**** it's not like I care about their point of view anyways.

(I was going to read the post you referenced, but I took one look at it and I knew I saw it already on Hardball and Al-Jeezera. Not a big fan of the repeats)

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I think you need to re-evaluate

by MallardtooXX In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

There are few things on this forum that I will not condone. I have started my fair share of battles and I have never been afraid to speak my mind. Oz you have just done something I cannot condone. It is one thing to attack someone inside the context of a thread; that is expected. But to call someone out on a thread meant to bash that very person? That is weak.
Max has been a tireless advocate of TR and its people. He has done many good things for many people and has never asked for anything in return. I understand that he can be vehememnt about his beliefs, that is not being close minded, that is drawing a line and defending that position. I admire Max for this he is a top shelf contributor and a staunch supporter of the United States and her citizenry. I myself will not always agree with his view, nor he with mine, that is the right of a forum that is a forum and that is what debate is all about. Anyone that would bash max has most likely gotten their *** handed to them by him. As you see here his primary target in the last 3 months, Colin, has even come to his defense. That should tell you something. I too would like to meet him in person some day and I am not afraid to discuss anything with him, I think I can holdmy own.

The only thing this thread will accomplish is to get people to admit that Max is not a bad guy. SO since you have had your *** handed to you by max I can only think this was an attempt to hand him his. I think you will find this will not work as you planned.


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I was born in Guyana!

by areets In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

Having been layed off because I pride myself, in respect to technology on definition and sustain support and the need to offer effecive & supportive educational platforms. I prefer to frame with explicitness the idea or story on play. I do have defined ideas and concepts but it has only been my objectiveness that has allowed me to acquire the knowledge and skills that I demonstrate to you. I am in reality they most "non closed individual" you'll probably ever meet. I cannot go to the bar and chat with just anyone. So, the Intenet is my key to present intellecttual survival since I like to communicate.

I love to discuss and a great passion for the ICT sector. Without the face, precision is a necessity to drive the discussion forward in ahealthy way.

If you have something to say bring it forward, the aim must be to conclude. That conclution cannot always be black or white.


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laid - sorry

by areets In reply to I was born in Guyana!
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The wrong in Max

by Cactus Pete In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

Here's what I believe is wrong about Max:

He doesn't care enough about his blood pressure.

He won't let the idiots bury themselves, he has to keep loaning them new shovels, with upgrade protection to backhoes.

He should care more for his eyesight and stop staring at the monitor. [Insert blink NOW]

And for a good note:

Max is analagous to his beloved USA in that he stands tall, and takes more shots because of it.

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Right ON!

by MallardtooXX In reply to The wrong in Max

Amen to that D! amen to that!


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I'll do a Max and POST to my own POST

by Oz_Media In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

No I didn't try to discredit Mr. Edison, read it again, then read it again.
I also didn't say that Mr. Edison 'needed a brain' (Very witty Max, I'll write it down).

People seem to read one line from a post, form an opinion (similar to evryone elses if you actualy read them)and rant defensively. This defensive and misunderstood way of thinking causes one country to go to war against another.

People need to spend more time thinking about WHY people say things and WHAT they are saying.
Mr. Edison has been a great help to many people in this site and is an asset to what has got to be one of the top ten tech support sites on the net. I didn't discredit Mr. Edison for his achievements, nor did I say he was dumb. To which his rebuttal is "get a brain?", (again, well said, I can forgive ignorance before stupidity). We are both entitled to our political views as are all of you. Just don't jump on the "Me too" bandwagon, it is a conformist's weakness that only governments benefit from.

Everyone rants about free speech and the right to voice YOUR opinion, so voice it, don't just join the masses. This can be seen at any race track and costs 'the sheep' lots of money, just ask a jockey. Who do you think creates a long shot? Sheep of course.

This forum usually poses decent questions, unlike this post, and I respect almost everyone's opinion when formed individually.

It is interesting to see nothing but negative thought processes so close to the end of the Iraqi takeover(sorry, The Free Iraq campaign). Maybe some Americans do have a valid opinion but are simply scared to voice it due to fear of non-conformity.

Just keep in mind, when the rest of the world doesn't agree with the US, it doesn't make them unpatriotic, backstabbers. It is simply another voice to be heard, just don't forget to listen next time.

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If I may!

by areets In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

I have posted my feelings in regards to my lay-off on TR. I am documenting so many ideas and concepts that I cannot always stay ahead. The Internet is the world re-created (opinionated). So you can apply the same rules but only similar by nature. Sothat that is now virtual for me.

If I can, I?ll help. Let?s keep an open mind.

By the way, for the doubters, I am 35. Go to and search ?Reets Andrew?. Yes, that?s I, not the dove :-). I can tell you that combining sport and the speed at which I like to assimilate info. (Within my capabilities), truly helps acceleration.


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From The Fro - Part 1 of 2

by mrafrohead In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

I read the original post, then I even read it again just to humor OZ...

To start:

"So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities."

You say that we're all falling in line, though what you asked for we are providing... So, please further explain what it is that you are asking for.

Are you upset because those above have posted their support for such a strong asset to this community??? Or were you hoping that all of us would bad mouth Mr. Edison and jump on YOUR bandwagon???

Personally, I can say this much. When I first started to read Maxwells posts. I thought he was an arrogant jerk. Then I REALLY started to pay attention to what it was that he had to say. I began to realize that at time, yes he can be arrogant, but he's not a jerk. He's actually quite an admirable man. I strive to grow and develop many of the qualities that he has.

Not only will he debate his point, but he will also give fact WITH proof! Instead of just saying it, he gives you links to educate those that are ignorant on the topic at hand. I have learned a lot from this man.

To sit here and listen to you try to smugly tarnish his name is quite appauling. Oz - I don't know anything about you, and this is the first post of yours I've read, but I can see this much so far. You are either still in High School, or you still belong there. And this coming from me is not a compliment, as I still belong there, but I feel much more mature than you compared to the rubbish you blew into this fine website.

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Part 2 of 2

by mrafrohead In reply to From The Fro - Part 1 of ...

Maybe you should take your own words and read his posts. Then read them again! And again, until your immaturity can be put aside and you can actually absorb what it is that you are reading. Then maybe you'll understand why those of us from this community are standing up for this great man. Because he is very valuable to this community. He helps out greatly, accurately and sincerely.

I can only wish that my reputation here was as well respected as his!


BTW - what Duck stated about Colin showing support - come on man, OZ get it together. What Colin stated probably holds more weight than any of our other posts in this thread in support of Maxwell as Colin and Max have a very strong history together. And most of it has been not too good. And to see Colin showing support... Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. I think you walked into the wrong bar, wearing the wrong colors my friend. You should kindly get yourself figured out and do it swiftly.

And another thing - in regards tohis "broad mindedness". Maxwell and myself have had rather interesting debates that I felt were quite heated at times. And he is NOT a closed minded person. If I am able to get him to see things from the light I see things in, that's proof alone right there. At times I am very off the wall and he's actually listened to what I've had to say and develop his own opinion instead of just dismissing it and moving on. That is NOT a sign of closed mindedness, but actual open mindedness. I truly hope that your comment was just a failed attempt at sarcasm.

Keep trying.

Again - Mrafrohead

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