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Would the real Max please stand up?

By Oz_Media ·
So who is this masked man who hides behind his computer, answering questions, participating in discussions (even if closed minded)?
He is a high points achiever (if there is such a thing), a self appointed Forum Moderator (agree with him or else)and what else?
Sorry to use such a crappy line "Would the real Maxwell Edison please stand up" I HATE EMINEM!! Too much commercial bs and zero talent, but that's another RANT! So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities. (Somehow, I think the most posts will be from Mr.Edison himself).

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by Oz_Media In reply to Part 2 of 2

I still don't think you've understood the post or my objective.
My aim wasn't to try and bash Maxwell's abilities, he was just chosen because he is a points leader, it could have been anyone but Mr. Edison has great status at this site.
My point was to see why people jump on the defensive bandwagon, even when ideas and views differ.
READ POST: "I'll do a Max and POST to my own POST"
Maxwell isn't a target, actually nobody is, my goal was to generate biased opinions to prove a point internally at my office.
Maxwell is bright enough to read posts and deliver his own opinions and arrive at his own conclusions, thus I was quite surprised to see him referring to The Wizard of Oz and finding a brain. Quite an off color and witless statement for such an educated and respected person.
As for your analogy of myself, I applaud your aggressive defense of Maxwell, but you are way off base.
My nickname OzMedia is just that. Media. I am a promoter and publicist, these forums are a fantastic way to learn the thought process of a particular audience. The Oz part, well that goes back to working with an old English metal band.
Since moving to North America and opening a US office, I have learned how different the thought process andmainstream following is. American (and Canadian) audiences are completely different than other in countries. There is a lot less individuality and I feel that people are so scared of being an individual that they band together, whether with sharedopinions or not, out of fear of being unique or different. Thus Brittany Spears and Eminem have made millions from exploiting this thought process.
Thank you and keep buying my band's CD's.

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I think you don't understand. Pt 1 of 2

by mrafrohead In reply to

Here's my reasoning:

Again -

"So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities."

We are sharing our experiences and our opinions here. I just don't think that you are liking what you are seeing.

You posted something that appears to be quite negative towards Maxwell. What did you expect. To see his friends sit down and let it happen??? That's not how things work. People are supposed to stick together. If one of us is kicked, we all are.

So now that you've tried to quiz us, let me quiz you???

Was your point proven in your office and did you get your jollies out of it???

You see - you say you picked Maxwell out of a hat due to his high score. Don't you realize that if you would have picked anyone for this type of fickle project that we would stand at arms??? It just so happens that you picked one of the really wrong people to pick hence the large outcry.

As for saying we're basically all machines just filling the mold - come on now. Don't you think standing up and voicing your opinion as was done here shows a little individuality??? I have found that the mold of most people is that they are straight up cowards and are afraid to voice their opinions no matter how strongly they feel about it.

Here's something to think about that I think is fitting here... It really falls into play - it was a bumper sticker on a car I saw the other day. It stated: Voice your opinion, even if your voice shakes. That basically is a huge statement to everyone. Stand up and say what you believe, don't be afraid as most people are.

We are voicing ourselves, there is no mold here.

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Part 2 of 2

by mrafrohead In reply to I think you don't underst ...

And my final note is this. This is just a point of advice. Make sure you're careful of where you try to run these little experiments of yours. You try to pull some crap like this in RL and you'll find there are a lot more than words that will be thrown around.


Oh yeah, I don't buy CD's either. Tired of buying all of the **** that you guys try to push at an unfair price.

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Surprise! Surprise!

by jardinier In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

I wish you (Max) hadn't referred to the "Arse & Elbow" thing, because it kind of detracts from the nice things I am about to say:

1. I am fully aware that Max has the second highest Tech Points score.

2. Although we often lock horns, Max always remains the gentleman and answers me politely.

3. Agree or disagree, his contributions always keep the discussions interesting.

4. He is very patriotic, and I have no argument with that.

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I totally forgot about that...

by mrafrohead In reply to Surprise! Surprise!

Yes, that's true - very polite and articulate indeed!!!!


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And this would achieve what?

by LordInfidel In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

I'm not really sure what the benefit of this post is. Normally I don't participate in such dribble, but you attacked (from the incoherency that I read) a peer of mine, whom over the years I have respected.

If you and max have been healthily debating, then fine. But why drag the rest of the forum into this?

Like Max, i've been on this forum since it basically began. I've never known him to be rude or demeaning, at least not to those who did not deserve it.

There is a small group of us who were here before you and we will still be here after you are gone. So deal with it.

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Will OzMedia please reveal himself?

by jardinier In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

Unlike some people who hide behind inaccessible aliases, Maxwell has a readily accessible email address, and if you had the brains/guts/commonsense/courtesy to express your feelings directly to him, you may even have received a polite reply.

While it is not uncommon for a bit of name-calling to occur within a general discussion, to actually start a discussion purely for this purpose would seem to be in poor taste, to say the least.

Whilst I am quite a newcomer to these discussions, it is quite obvious to me that you have well and truly crossed a line that, while not defined in as many words, is pretty easy to tune into.

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A little help from my friends

by maxwell edison In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

Words can’t express my gratitude after reading the kind words written in this thread.

I don’t know the real intent behind the message that started it all, but there’s no mistaking the intent behind the replies. Since I’m at such a loss for words, I’ll borrow ones written by a person (and people) that I admire:

What would you think if I sang out of tune
Would you stand up and walk out on me
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
And I'll try not to sing out of key

Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get high with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends

Many thanks,


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oh and OZ one last thing

by MallardtooXX In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

You need to seriously grab a lie and stick to it. You have professed to be quite a few things so lets pick one and roll with it. One thing I have never seen or heard your intended mark do is say something that was untrue.
The next time you want to try one of your experiments with your little highschool buddies, come up with a better ploy. To display the band of brothers attitude you should try to attack a common belief or goal or community. That is psyche 101, have you had that yet or are you just now getting hair in strange places. See by attacking one of the brothers directly you are getting a non conditioned response due to an emotional need to defend ones "own" that is RL 101.
I have put you out of my mind because I have been around the block a couple of times and I have seen so many wannabes in every aspect. Guess what you are not even a wannabe, you are a never gonnabe and that makes me laugh best. Keep it up post all you want it is not a group of followers here, This is America kid and if you think the European sect is so individualistic I ask you to kindly look at the current state of the world and see who emulates whom. Nice Levi's you're wearing.

Sit down drink some windex and shut the **** up.


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What has been said.

by Oz_Media In reply to oh and OZ one last thing

A music industry magazine brought up the subject of peer group followers. The issue was that in the US, no matter how good or bad an artist was, if you sell it to the 'gang leader' you don't have to focus on the rest of the market, American's will follow out of fear of being different.
This created quite an industry stir and several heated discussions between the marketing staff here. I decided to post an OPEN poll to see how strongly people felt about a well respected peer (sorry Max, that was you). At NO point in my question did I defame or call Mr. Edison names, yet there were many direct (and quite pathetic) attempts at name calling toward me that were fitting for the Elementary School sandbox. Everything to my achievements, to the country I live in to my nickname became a focus of your aggression.
I don't know how many of you have actually met Maxwell Edison (I haven't) but you stand by him and his opinions ver batim. Thus shedding a little truth on the argument.
As for the US not being overly anxious warmongers (against weak third world countries that don't pose a threat of course, and don't go ranting that Saddam was a threat ((564 potential WMD sites, and nothing after searching 114 of them)another story though)
Although many of you accused me of name calling, I don't know where but I may have. These same people have also said they don't stoop that low, and I should be more intelligent, American's aren't sheep etc. yet I have found comments to the contrary from this peer group.

Keep it up post all you want it is not a group of followers here, This is America kid
Ya know what, I say screw it, bomb them all......

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