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Would the real Max please stand up?

By Oz_Media ·
So who is this masked man who hides behind his computer, answering questions, participating in discussions (even if closed minded)?
He is a high points achiever (if there is such a thing), a self appointed Forum Moderator (agree with him or else)and what else?
Sorry to use such a crappy line "Would the real Maxwell Edison please stand up" I HATE EMINEM!! Too much commercial bs and zero talent, but that's another RANT! So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities. (Somehow, I think the most posts will be from Mr.Edison himself).

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Will OzMedia please reveal himself?

by Oz_Media In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

It is irrelevant but people seem to doubt that somebody could be proficient at more than one thing. This is not an American way of thinking at all, the reason so many people came to America, yes your parents or grandparents probably aren't American, is because of opportunity.
In Germany if your dad is a middle class bricklayer, you'll probably end up as a middle class bricklayer. In North America, your dad could be a middle class bricklayer yet you have the ability and resources to become a white collar millionaire.
So, who am I ? A 34yr old male who grew up in a sales and marketing background. I got bored of the office and decided to be a mechanic, 4 years later I was a fully licenced mechanic.
Sick of tired and sore muscles at theend of the day, I entered the IT industry and studied to get my Master CNE certification. While in school, I DJ'd at a local club for ectra spending money, this is where I hooked up with producers and promoters in the music industry and found I hadthe ability to sign and promote bands. With the hideous American music industry, I started promoting Canadian and US bands (mostly L.A) into the European market where there is greater freedom of expression. This took off and I opened my US office.
I am currently working with a Canadian band who is best suited for and selling well in the US. They laugh that they can write and produce almost anything and it will sell now, whether they feel it is any good or not. This is also why I don't understand how American's feel so patriotic towards a country with so much peer pressure to assimilate others. American's aren't bad people, I never said they were, but how can you be so patriotic with a government that offers poor education, horrible medical support and so much hatred towards other countries that don't comply with their train of thought.

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Show and Tell Buttercup

by jkaras In reply to Will OzMedia please revea ...

Hey Oz,
sorry I dont believe that you are some big wig in the music industry. The only signatures that you may sign are forgeries for the fan club if you actually work for a recording company. If your so proud of your accomplishments then why notpost your credentials company, bands? Are they top secret? How could you embarrass your label?Are you well known? I doubt it due to the fact that anyone can post their so called accomplishments due to the lack of verification. I work for the local government but I could claim that I'm really high up with massive influence, but I'm not nor do I claim to be. Facts are facts and success doesnt prove anything giving more validation. Some people on these threads display egos at times and pick fightsto stroke said ego, but then again eveyone does whether here or in person. As for your criticism towards the U.S. so we got problems what country doesnt, but without our participation with world economy what would the world do? We could self supply our nation and devote millions to our own ecomomy rather than buy resources from other countries to stabilize world economy. We dont need to devote millions in aid to other countries to provide medical assistance to 3rd world countries when their leaders fail to, but we do. We are definetly not perfect and our leaders have strayed from the original intentions that we were founded on but we try, and that's more than others countries could boast.

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Part Duex

by jkaras In reply to Show and Tell Buttercup

Lastly there is no such thing as individuality, the only thing that makes you an individual is your dna. I can buy anything you can, wear anything you can, speak any language, and act anyway you or anyone else can. How do you ask, because nothing that defines you was created by you, you choose to identify yourself from others through interaction. Your behavior is learned just like the language you speak. There will always be conformity, there are just different levels of participation due to deflated ego that people are bombarded that they are not good looking enough or funny ect... that makes us all want to belong and liked.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Part Duex

THat is my point exactly. the weak seem to assimilate what they fel is a strength to make themselves feel accepted. FEAR of rejection.
I don't care if you like me, it means absolutely NOTHING to me. I don't care if your fellow citizens feel I amleft wing or full of crap. I have nothing to prove to America, I just spend your money.
I have NO interest in your country nor do I wish to socialize with the people there.
My point is that for a country full of patriotic citizens who say that America is the land of the free, your must be delusional. You intoned that people wear certain clothing to fit in to a chosen peer group. My point, jump on the bandwagon, be accepted and everything is OK.
Sounds like freedom to me, you better stay there.

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Study the economy a little more

by Oz_Media In reply to Show and Tell Buttercup

one of the biggest drawbacks in the Canadian economy is exporting lumber and water to the US.
Why don't you try asking a Canadian fisherman or logger how he thinks the American's waste of our resources has helped the economy. Give your head a shake, the US couldn't survive on their own resources, gluttony would dry up America's weak resources in no time.
You have to remember you live in a nation of consumers, you don't exactly use your resoures wisely.

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Give your head a shake...

by Sullyman In reply to Study the economy a littl ...

If it wasn't for exporting Lumber, H2O, Hydro Power to the US our economy would rate in the bottom 3rd of Industrialized nations. CTO/CMO you are not...because the above concept is basic business....

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A final note, only allowed short posts.

by Oz_Media In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

ON another note, although this is a global forum you seem to feel it is American;

"Keep it up post all you want it is not a group of followers here, This is America kid"

"and if you think the European sect is so individualistic Iask you to kindly look at the current state of the world and see who emulates whom. Nice Levi's you're wearing."
MallardtooXX (Sorry but I don't even know where to find Levis in London.)

"Yes, that's true - very polite and articulate indeed!!!!"

( "If the man from Oz only had a brain,")

(What would you think (do) if I sang out of tune
Would you stand up and walk out on me
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
And I'll try not to sing out of key

Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get high with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends)

Maxwell Edison
Very articulate and polite. uh......yeah.
Maybe in Elementary school.

But all punches aside, I see that you (Maxwell) have achieved many goals and certifications (certs are pretty useless these days but I don't want to defame personal achievements.) Although you have strayed from what your peers consider, eloquent, articulate and professional, my aim was not to target you but to see how many people would go to bat for you as a respected peer.
I also understand that these people take what you say as true (not to say it isn't) but who's to say that you aren't a 300 pound woman,living in Iraq? But that is another amusing pyschology topic itself.

Thanks all for your interesting input, I hope I haven't offended anyone personally.
Again, if you read my initial post, you should see, I didn't call Maxwell any names, nor did I discredit his achievements.

Guess it's back to work now, you can really crap away a lot of time on this board.

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by ashish_nehra1 In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

that was a good message..

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hey !!!

by ashish_nehra1 In reply to

it was a good topic

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by saibalb In reply to hey !!!


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