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Would the real Max please stand up?

By Oz_Media ·
So who is this masked man who hides behind his computer, answering questions, participating in discussions (even if closed minded)?
He is a high points achiever (if there is such a thing), a self appointed Forum Moderator (agree with him or else)and what else?
Sorry to use such a crappy line "Would the real Maxwell Edison please stand up" I HATE EMINEM!! Too much commercial bs and zero talent, but that's another RANT! So, why don't you share your experiences and opinions toward the great Mr. Edison and his broad minded, professional debating abilities. (Somehow, I think the most posts will be from Mr.Edison himself).

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by saibalb In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...
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How Oz Media Group is represented

by maxwell edison In reply to Would the real Max pleas ...

I wonder if the executive producer of Oz Media Group knows how her company is being represented to the largest media market in the world?

(Maybe I shouldn't have deleted all that contact information from this message - names, addresses, phone numbers, email adresses. But then, on the other hand, they are rather easy to find - should anyone be so inclined.)

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Oz Media Group ??

by Oz_Media In reply to How Oz Media Group is rep ...

Has NOTHING to do with me at all, keep searching.
Oz Media once again, is a nickname.
Due to the personal views shared on this forum, I am not at liberty (you all should love that word) to disclose the bands I respresent or my company name. My views and opinions are not neccessarily that of the band yada, yada.

Secondly Mr. Edison, as i have said before, the purpose of this post was not derogative or defamatory to yourself. This was also not an attempt to bash your political views, the facts of WWII prove your inaccuracy as to the events that ended WWII, these resources are available for all who know to look with eyes open.
There is also no reason to be so defensive, unless of course you are suggesting I was right when saying American's fight out of fear.
rather than stepping backwards, I'll let this topic drop, it was a useful resource and I am happy with the predicted results. :-)

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by Cactus Pete In reply to What's your favorite numb ...

Remove the space in that URL before the last L...

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Ok one more..

by Oz_Media In reply to How Oz Media Group is rep ...

I checked out your research into the OzMedia Group.
This is some tiny little website designed to promote videographers and their achievements. Not even relatively close to what I do. I work with named acts that yes you probably have in your collection as do many Americans.
By all means, publish the company info for all to see, I'm sure they wil appreciate the attention.
Like I've said so many times before, your sources need much to be desired.
Hey, I didn't even call you brainless or stupid! Amazing how people can debate an issue without the need for movie references or having a rant like some of the younger audience.
P.S. There's a few new Q&A's that you could probably resolve and actually put your intelligence to a good use.
Enjoy your day, Max. I look forward to our next Primal Scream.

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backpedaling fast

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Ok one more..

This loser is backpedaling so fast that he's laying rubber. I looked for the Oz Media Group and noticed that they are located in Canada. This loser said that he's from Canada. Same kind of business he claims to do. And now all the sudden he's tryingto make nice-nice. I'd say that Max hit a bulls-eye.

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Your stil way off base

by Oz_Media In reply to backpedaling fast

If you are correct in thinking that I work with the Ozmedia Group I challenge you to send them an email and pick thier brains.
I don't work for OzMedia, I own and operate an artist promotion/management company.
You must have got some of that fancy book ejumacashun from the most literate country's educational system right?
The problem with American schools, other than the fact that grade 6 students are taught grade 3 material is that they only focus on american history and The American Way. The result is a nation full of iliterates who feel they have all the facts and America is the strongest country bar none, so you better watch out.
Get a life.

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I can't believe you're that dumb, really

by Oz_Media In reply to backpedaling fast

Unless you are a child, which explains your inability to voice an opinion without the "hey guys" attitude, your are a gleaming example of the crappy school system that your cuntry reolves around.
Yet again, the more idiots the schools churn out, the bigger the army becomes. If you can't get a job, join the US Army, they'll give you a proper education in killing the weaker ones.
Wasn't it the brilliant marine, who after killing 5 Iraqi citizens who were peacfully contained by UK soldiers for two weeks, who so proudly stated "we were taught to fight, not keep peace". Oh please, would you come and police our country too.
Your continued posts in this dicussion just enforce the point that America treats it citizens like shite and the citizens love it.
P.S. Don't forget to email this said OzMedia Group that I work for, I'm sure your information will amuse them to no end, especially if it comes from your brain.

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Last one.

by mrafrohead In reply to I can't believe you're th ...

You know, I really was done wasting my time with this thread - but I saw this last post and just HAD to comment on it.

Oz you posted this above:

"Unless you are a child, which explains your inability to voice an opinion without the "hey guys" attitude, your are a gleaming example of the crappy school system that your cuntry reolves around."

Since you're so educated, I was hoping that you would please explain to the rest of us imbecile's exactly what a "cuntry" is - and also what "reolves" are. I'm stumped.

Another thing - when you try to flex your noodle - run spell check. You're embarassing yourself.

It's awful hard to convince people how superior you are to the rest of us when you can't even seem to spell these simple little words above.


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