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Would you call this art?

By MorrisNTex ·
Not sure why this made the DVice e-newsletter that is published by SyFy but it is interesting to say the least and kinda wacky. It looks functional.

How would you wash your hands though without getting your feet wet.

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why not

by .Martin. In reply to In Alabama

they are so tasty

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recycled water

by .Martin. In reply to which ever way you want t ...

they would have to recycle the water... just add some yellow food dye to gross everyone out

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I doubt it's recycled water just for this one room, in many

by Deadly Ernest In reply to recycled water

jurisdictions you cannot lawfully use recycled water where it may come into general contact with people unless it's been through a very major cleansing process that makes it too expensive for such a single use. The closest you can come to using it is for lawn and garden irrigation, but not sprinklers and places where kids may play in it. The most common usage is flushing toilets and underground irrigation.

I looked into using recycled water a few years back as I wanted to reuse water in a house I was building at the time. The tight restrictions made it damn hard to use for most uses - the best bet for a thing like this would be rain water, but I doubt they'd get enough for that. Or just keep pumping it back into the system with some chlorine or similar, like a pool or fountain.

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I like more better

by santeewelding In reply to I doubt it's recycled wat ...

My explanation of floating turds with a flag.

Or, the floater overtaking the yacht.

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I think you two are using different definitions of 'recycle'.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I doubt it's recycled wat ...

Ernie's using it in the conventional sense; I believe .Martin. means it's a closed system and the water is pumped from bottom to top, like a conventional fountain.

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I have it

by santeewelding In reply to Would you call this art?

In an aside from the artist that he was inspired by my description of the engineering bilge in the USS Constellation (CV-64).

This was where turds floated by. I assumed the Navy's best amused themselves by replicating famous sea battles for, I swear, I saw one turd sporting a little flag.

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I've been off-shore racing

by drowningnotwaving In reply to I have it

... in a yacht stricken by a busted Head. One crew member who couldn't wait had to make use of safety lines and lean over the transom at the back of the boat, giving birth to their own offshore vessel.

We were stuck in the doldrums at the time - the nuances of wind and tide meant that the floater gently overtook us, bouncing along the entire length of the yacht.

We wondered what the official ruling would be, should the offending vessel take line honours?

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Your story

by santeewelding In reply to I've been off-shore racin ...

Beats my story. Yours has glamor to it.

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MASH Episode

by TheChas In reply to Would you call this art?

This reminds me of the MASH episode where they had to make Korea look better to earn a prize.

They made an outdoor fountain out of bedpans.

The person from HQ who awarded the prize really liked the fountain.

So, if that was art, this qualifies just as well.

Of course, I also considered the plumbing exhibit I saw years ago at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry that used clear pipes to also be a work of art.

There also used to be a web site that was showcasing the most interesting urinals that people would send in pictures of. Some of them were so artistic that if I did not know what they were, I would not have thought they had a function.


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by MorrisNTex In reply to MASH Episode

you piqued my curiosity so I googled decorative urinals and here is some of what I found:

Now this guy sells them, and well, just look for your self...

Funny thing a lot of the search results came up "URL not found" when I tried to view them and a couple told me my computer was infected with the virus flavor of the day...

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