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Would you meet with President Bush?

By maxwell edison ·
A recent news story revealed that Jessica Simpson refused to meet with President Bush. I won't go into details, as it doesn't really matter, and you can look them up if you want. I have an opinion about it, but will refrain from sharing it, at least for now.

However, would YOU meet with President Bush if you had the chance?

For argument's sake, let's assume you have fifteen minutes, no more, no less. Let's further assume that it's a totally private meeting with no advisors present, no wife, no secret service, no distractions, just you and him, and you have his undivided attention. If so, what would say? What would you do? How would you act? What would you ask?

Of course, those who like and admire President Bush would undoubtedly say yes. But what about you folks who don't like him, those who openly call him a moron, a liar, incompetent, and so on? Would you talk TO him the same way you talk ABOUT him? Or would you pull a "Jessica Simpson", and snub him as a matter of "principle"? (And assume that your "snub" would make the news and/or make such a statement.)

So there you go. Would you meet with him?

And those who like him, agree with him, etc., please reply as well. My answer will follow at a later time.

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yes I would meet ANY president

by jdclyde In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

I did see him in 04' but not up close. Saw him speak at the Saginaw Dow Event Center. (it was that or Grand Rapids).

I would like to try to know more of what he is like.
I would tell him the things I admire.
I would tell him the things that really bother me.

I would hope he would take what I have to say to heart, or at least be able to explain off the record why things are like they are.

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President Clinton?

by neilb@uk In reply to yes I would meet ANY pres ...

The next one, that is. Not the previous one...

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that is dirty pool

by jdclyde In reply to President Clinton?

previous one, sure.

for the same reasons he was a terrible president, he would be great at a party. A man that with no moral standards is bound to be the life of the party.

Funny, all the people that were his brainwashed followers trust him to protect the country but wouldn't trust him alone with their daughters. Tells you something about the honesty of his supporters, huh?

Hillary is a horrible person and it shows the mental illness that has taken over the state of NY. To put this "person" in place show they are deficient and deserve everything they don't get from her.

Funny, but what HAS she done since getting that position except scream that horrible scream of hers? While I am VERY apposed to adultery, in this case I at least understand it. don't condone it, but I understand it.

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I'd trust GWB - and Tony Blair -

by neilb@uk In reply to that is dirty pool

alone with my daughters but not with the safety of my country. What a strange old world.

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even Bill Clinton, in a way.

by Absolutely In reply to I'd trust GWB - and Tony ...

Maybe reliability is the word to use, not trust, but I'm getting to an interesting point, so be patient. If Bill Clinton has the opportunity with a beautiful young woman, let's all assume he's going to bone her. George W. Bush, on the contrary, hasn't made that reputation for himself, but if he sees a vulnerable country, he'll fire his missiles at it. I prefer to elect somebody who enjoys sex with beautiful young women over somebody who wages war for fun.

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Would God have given Bill the exemption from the commandment?

by X-MarCap In reply to that is dirty pool

He'd have said "Run don't marry her!!!"

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No, because Gods all do not exist.

by Absolutely In reply to Would God have given Bill ...

He'd have said "".

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Perhaps only

by Old Guy In reply to No, because Gods all do n ...
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Certainly not in my mind, nor in the mind of any other thinking person.

by Absolutely In reply to Perhaps only

All gods were invented, by people, to serve the authors' desires. I am a real person, not invented as a fictional device and with purposes of my own, which do not include playing a part in your story or anybody else's but my own. I do not serve you, Old Guy, and I do not serve any of the authors of any story, including the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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He'd have said "Run don't marry her!!!"

by jardinier In reply to Would God have given Bill ...

It must be a great feeling to be in a position to speak on God's behalf.

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