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Would you meet with President Bush?

By maxwell edison ·
A recent news story revealed that Jessica Simpson refused to meet with President Bush. I won't go into details, as it doesn't really matter, and you can look them up if you want. I have an opinion about it, but will refrain from sharing it, at least for now.

However, would YOU meet with President Bush if you had the chance?

For argument's sake, let's assume you have fifteen minutes, no more, no less. Let's further assume that it's a totally private meeting with no advisors present, no wife, no secret service, no distractions, just you and him, and you have his undivided attention. If so, what would say? What would you do? How would you act? What would you ask?

Of course, those who like and admire President Bush would undoubtedly say yes. But what about you folks who don't like him, those who openly call him a moron, a liar, incompetent, and so on? Would you talk TO him the same way you talk ABOUT him? Or would you pull a "Jessica Simpson", and snub him as a matter of "principle"? (And assume that your "snub" would make the news and/or make such a statement.)

So there you go. Would you meet with him?

And those who like him, agree with him, etc., please reply as well. My answer will follow at a later time.

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I feel confident

by Old Guy In reply to He'd have said "Run don't ...

that Tjsanko was using conjecture not speaking for God. Gee, still trying to instigate instead of understand.

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It won't happen

by maxwell edison In reply to President Clinton?

In 2008, the next presidential election year, Americans will have had twenty (20) years with either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. The last thing we'll want is a Clinton bush.

(I didn't really say that, did I?)

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Yup you did

by Oz_Media In reply to It won't happen

And for once, your political comments have amused me. :)

I have to go now, I can't bite my tongue any longer, so....many.....comments....can' implode!

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Would you meet....

by onbliss In reply to It won't happen

...Hillary if she became the President and you had a chance to meet her? A similar scenario to what you had initially quizzed us about, just that the person is different.

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not under

by Jaqui In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

the conditions stated.
I would want to have at least one live broacast of the meeting so when I nail his balls to the wall over his stupidity everyone sees it.

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His stupidity

by Absolutely In reply to not under

is not in question. It wouldn't matter how stupid you make him look, the AmericanVoter is stupider still.

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Meeting the President

by BFilmFan In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

Yes, I would meet with him.

Although I have great differences with him over his policies, I can differentiate between the man that holds the office and respecting the Office of the President, which we both know are highly different things. Thus, I would be respectful, but tell him that his advisors have sucked American military forces into the swamp of a civil war in Iraq, while back home the politicians are busy taking pot shots at each other rather than solve the problem by putting more soldiers on the ground or disengaging.

Frankly I hope that the next set of debates aren't the softball questions which have been asked in the recent past, but a chance for everyday people to stand up and ask the office seekers questions and give them a chance to answer. If they are evasive or wishy-washy in answers then we'll know a bit more about them, no matter their political party.

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Why not?

by jardinier In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

I would ask him what it felt like to be leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

I would ask him if he had any regrets about his policy decisions.

And I would definitely shake his hand.

I will tell you something I have observed about talking to politicians when they know there is no media present.

There have been two venues where I have had ample opportunity to listen to, and ask questions of, politicians.

The first was lunch-time talks at university, and the other Sunday night "Question Time" at the Wayside Chapel.

With no fear of their statements being made public, they came across for the most part as totally different people to how they appeared on television, or in statements they made to the media where they had to be "politically correct."

Almost everybody who was anybody of note was a guest speaker at a no-holds-barred public meeting at the Wayside Chapel over a period of 2 - 3 decades.

There is NO substitute for being able to ask questions of a prominent figure in a face-to-face situation without the media being present.

It is not a fear of being misreported, but just the fact that they can "be themselves" without having to fit neatly into the persona which has been carefully moulded to present to the general public a certain, desired image.

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by antuck In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

I wouldn't meet with President Bush. 15 minutes is not a lot of time. It would be difficult to say what you need and hear his responce. To me it wouldn't be worth it.

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by Absolutely In reply to Would you meet with Presi ...

I'd ask him for all the documents, recordings, and all data in any other format, that he had about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Deception. Then I'd ask him for all the information presented to Congress, to the UN, and to the US public through the various press channels he used to publicize the Iraq sector of the Axis of Evil. Then I'd interrogate him about the glaring differences among those data sets.

I guess 15 minutes would not be enough.

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