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Would you quit even without a job line up...

By tech_gal ·
I've only been in my job for less than 6 months, but I hate it. Until now, I do regret of accepting this position. I work for a non-profit organization in their IT Department. I pretty much do everything from helpdesk to networking.

I enjoy what I do really except the fact my boss and pretty much majority of the people here are abusing their positions. I never worked in a nonprofit before until I came here. The way they run business is very different. Profanity is almost a "norm" here, and one thing I still can't believe is how people here cheat, lies, gossips. Management/Directors they don't care, they are guilty themselves.

So far, I'm back to job hunting. Where I live now, IT jobs are almost non-existent unless I am willing to do contract works. I can't go back to my previous job, they have a "no-hiring back" policy.

I do have a plan of moving to a city someday, but right now, going to work everyday is like facing death. Do you think I should quit even without a job lineup?

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Of course I'm being sarcastic

by stress junkie In reply to Absolutely YES!!! Be bold ...

I'd like to thank the people who responded to my post. I got a chuckle out of reading the responses. When I read the original post I just thought that the conditions of the situation made discussing the situation silly. The poster said that he lives in a small community with few job opportunities. The poster has only been in this job for 6 months. The poster enjoys the type of work that he is doing, just not the people. When you put that all together then leaving a job before you have another one lined up is incredibly stupid. It seemed obvious to me. If working with crude gossiping liars is your biggest problem at work then it seems to me that you are pretty well off. The fact that three people gave serious and considered responses seemed equally silly. I couldn't help but think of other equally stupid subjects for posts like "I've got my hand stuck in an electric meat grinder and I'm thinking of turning it on." and "When I'm driving my car on the highway should I climb out onto the roof for a better view."

It's one thing to be inexperienced but it's another thing to completely lack any "common sense". When an inexperienced person asks for advice I enjoy making serious suggestions. This poster's problems don't have anything to do with experience or inexperience. The same situation would apply whether the person was employed as a computer support engineer or as a car mechanic or as a truck driver. When someone with virtually no experience and nowhere to go asks if he should quit their job before they obtain another job just because they work with crude people, well, you just have to wonder if that person has any active brain cells at all.

I'll make j.lupo happy and add a great big NOT!!! to the bottom of the post as soon as I've finished writing this. Hopefully that will assuage the overly sensitive readers.

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Well Stress Junkie

by BHunsinger In reply to Of course I'm being sarca ...

if she has been reading RZ.'s post lately, I can understand why she might want to be certain. I wasn't certain untill you made tha comment about doggie doodoo. If it was real, you wouldn't have outsource the job.

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Go take another look

by amcol In reply to Of course I'm being sarca ...

Your posting was misread by j.lupo as being serious. YOU misread MY was not meant to be a "serious and considered" response to you, since your sarcasm was indeed obvious. It was meant to be a serious response to the original poster.

While you're at it, go take another look at the original posting. You say "When an inexperienced person asks for advice I enjoy making serious suggestions.". There's no way to know from the post if the person is fresh out of college or trade school, or has been around awhile...all it says is that he/she has been in the job six months. You ASSUMED facts not in evidence.

The issue most certainly DOES have something to do with experience, your protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. We're not all blessed with the profundity of thought and plethora of common sense you obviously possess (that was sarcasm...did you recognize it?), so it's hardly appropriate to give a flip answer to a serious question that may have indeed resulted from inexperience.

Oh, and to R.Z., who in another post claims kinship based on being misunderstood due to a warped sense of're a complete idiot. Not just an idiot, a complete idiot. No sarcasm intended.

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Guilty as charged.

by stress junkie In reply to Go take another look

Oh well...

I think you're being a bit harsh to R.Z. though.

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You think so?

by amcol In reply to Guilty as charged.

Want to waste a little time and amuse yourself in the process? Read some of his posts in other recent threads. The guy is a troll...a paranoid, delusional, disgusting, reality denying, vulgar, unprofessional, pathetic, attention deprived, humorless, offensive, ill mannered, witless, intelligence challenged little troll.

Other than that, he's a real nice guy. For a troll, of course.

I hope to meet him someday. I'd like to hire I can FIRE him.

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I wouldn't work for an **** control freak like you

by Why Me Worry? In reply to You think so?

that can't relax and cannot laugh once in a while

as I said, pull the buttplug out of your **** and relax once in a while

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Hmmmm. I am going for polite here . . .

by j.lupo In reply to You think so?

anyone mention the Darwin awards lately? Please feel free to correct me amcol if I am in the wrong direction, but it is almost like you want to nominate him/her.

I am working on my empathy issues. Guess that is why I came across so over sensitive.

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Excellent idea

by amcol In reply to Hmmmm. I am going for pol ...

Anything that will result in the overall improvement of the gene pool gets my vote. In this case we'd get a double whammy...R.Z. would be wiped off the face of the earth (garnering us the immediate benefit of not having to deal with his nonsense any longer), plus there'd be no chance that whatever mutation has resulted in this complete waste of oxygen would be able to pollute humanity in generations to come.

H'mmm...maybe that WAS a bit harsh. Let me think about that for a second.

OK, second's up. Nah.

You know, frankly at this point the only thing that bothers me about this loser is his repeated claim that the things he writes are the result of having a New York attitude. Speaking on behalf of all of the rest of us who grew up in New York (I'm Brooklyn born and bred), the following is a public service announcement: to all of civilization across the known and as yet unexplored universe, please be advised that R.Z. represents the atypical New Yorker, so atypical that he's in a class by himself (thank God). What sets the rest of us apart from him is that we all have actually functioning brain cells.

Sometimes I just crack myself up.

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Being a New Yorker . . . Amcol

by j.lupo In reply to Hmmmm. I am going for pol ...

I have to agree about the NY stuff. I was born in the flatbush section of Brooklyn. Course I got polluted some with years in CA and then comin' back east to NJ.

Things I accept as fact:
NY is a great place. Personality is influenced by environment. Love life and ride the roller coaster.

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Anybody bother to see the NOT!!

by Storageman In reply to Go take another look

near the end of the post? It was blatantly obvious that it was a put on!

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