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Would you quit even without a job line up...

By tech_gal ·
I've only been in my job for less than 6 months, but I hate it. Until now, I do regret of accepting this position. I work for a non-profit organization in their IT Department. I pretty much do everything from helpdesk to networking.

I enjoy what I do really except the fact my boss and pretty much majority of the people here are abusing their positions. I never worked in a nonprofit before until I came here. The way they run business is very different. Profanity is almost a "norm" here, and one thing I still can't believe is how people here cheat, lies, gossips. Management/Directors they don't care, they are guilty themselves.

So far, I'm back to job hunting. Where I live now, IT jobs are almost non-existent unless I am willing to do contract works. I can't go back to my previous job, they have a "no-hiring back" policy.

I do have a plan of moving to a city someday, but right now, going to work everyday is like facing death. Do you think I should quit even without a job lineup?

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And you live such a life of QUIET desperation

by BHunsinger In reply to We've been trained to bec ...

The question asked was would I leave without a new job lined up? No, not under the conditions listed here. The post was not about how he was treated, it was about how the people around him acted. This was not about his manager or anything else. Workaholic slave? I said put the wrench down and leave the job at the job.
I pointed out that the chance to do a wide range of tasks and learn them would help the posters skill set and ultimatly the resume.
Learning to work in an place as described is a great place to learn about office politics- sound like its Real Open about them.
Try reading the my post and responding to what is said instead of dribbling the reaction to your neighbor's lunch on everything.

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Money in the bank always

by jkaras In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

Never cook your goose, cook the eggs. Shop around for what you want not what you will settle for otherwise you are back where you started just different location. If your getting the experience so what? SO people are not the most professional people, trust me they're everywhere. Maybe you should lighten up a bit and except their oddities. If you cant stomach it and I understand then look for some where else. I feel your pain, we all do, want a great job, great pay, great people to work with, but somehow it just isnt there. Its just a job, not your life, get what you need from it and mosey.

I too am looking for something better, but lack of experience and certs are hurting me. Imagine getting turned down for jobs barely more than what you are making, its humbling more than my duress at work and I dont make much. Jobs are hard to find nowadays compared to what some other people claim. Risk is difficult for those who havent established themselves yet, few are willing to give them a try. If they do they treat you like dung, that's life. Hang in there everything works out for the best eventually.

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I was in your shoes

by zlitocook In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

A few years ago. I lasted about a year and a half, this was a hospital. It had one set of rules for females and another for males. I was lucky there was a job that I fit at another company. Working at a job you hate can cause health problems and affect how you do your job.
I now look at a company, if I get a interview and get a chance I ask to look around. If the company has nothing to hide they will not have a problem letting you walk around and ask questions.
This may sound like too much too ask but if they do not like this. Ask why the job you are applying for is open and what the job turn over is? You might be supprised at how most companys handle this. If it is an good comany to work for they would invite you to ask questions and look around. Ok there are some good companys that will not let you do this, but they should tell you why. If the interviewer will not let you do any of this ask them why.
I would just finnish the interview and leave. If they call you back tell them that you were not impressed with their company and tell them why.
I received a great contract from this responce to a bad interview. Be truefull in what you tell an interviewer and let them know your feelings.

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Me Too:

by Nonamepipes In reply to I was in your shoes

I worked for a local government agency for 10 years when the state came in and took us over. We were all "hired" by the state. The first year was ok and totally downhill after that. The department, employees and moneys went right down the tube along with everyone attitudes. Luckily I opted out and resigned. I did contract work for a while, got some additional training and within a year I had a pretty decent new job. IMO, always check out the company before you hire on. If they let you tour the facility that would even be better. Make sure you know what you are getting into and what kind of commitments your employer will make for you, (training, workspace, budgets, etc). Good Luck.

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Throwing your hat over the fence

by maxwell edison In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

The earliest reference that I've seen to the analogy, "throwing your hat over the fence", is when it was used by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 when describing his challenge to land a man on the moon by the end of the (60s) decade, and return him safely back to earth. Not only was the moon mission absent from absolutely everyone's "drawing board", but no one had the slightest clue as to how it could possibly be done.

The analogy suggests that if you present yourself with a challenge, i.e. throwing your hat over the fence, you'll not only find the means, but also the motivation to meet the challenge, i.e. retrieving your hat.

If you don't like your job, either leave it or plan to leave it; that should really go without saying. But if you are bold enough to do it without finding another job first, my hat's off to you, so to speak. But I say that knowing full well that you do indeed have the capacity to meet the challenge you would be presenting to yourself. After all, if you didn't have the wherewithal to meet such a challenge, the thought wouldn't have crossed your mind in the first place.

Necessity is probably the most powerful motivator there is. And that's why you'll find a way to retrieve the hat you're about to throw over a very high fence.

Right on!

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Follow your instincts.

by flauber_1 In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

When I read your posting, I giggled as I worked for a company that could not meet their pay roll on time. I thought of them as a non-profit. I stayed for a little over a year in hopes they would figure it out. That was Oct 2001. I have been unemployed in the common sector since that time. To make my world better I am now self-employed. (Since May 2003) Now this may sound wonderful to some, but no not for me. I want the steady pay again. So I will end this on advice given to me by my father many moons ago, "secure a job "before" changing jobs".

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Well this is a hard one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

And is really your call as you know what your responsibilities actually are.

But personally I've never worked any job that I didn't like doing and I've walked away from many when the ground rules changed and I could no longer do my work without interference. On every occasion where I've walked out it has been a spontaneous thing where things just came to a head and I wanted out so I have not even been looking for another job and I've always had something to do within 24 hours.

Personally if you really hate the place and you don't have any major responsibilities I would walk. But if you do have some responsibilities you could take whatever sick leave you have coming and then just not return but after 6 months you'll not have a lot if any coming to you.

Of course you could be like me and IGNORE the Gossip and Office Politics they are an unnecessary distraction and ultimately self defeating.

You started off wrong by getting involved in the first place I would have just told the person when they started "I'm not interested what job do you have for me now?" And keep doing that eventually it will sink in that you are not interested in the slightest and they will ignore you even if they all speak ill of you behind your back what's it matter provided you are doing what you like?

Col ]:)

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well put

by BHunsinger In reply to Well this is a hard one

I always forget that part

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Start making a bigger plan

by LedLincoln In reply to Would you quit even witho ...

Don't quit unless you are being abused outright, and are prepared to take legal action against your employer. Continue doing the best work you can, and try not to stress over it.
Meanwhile, you should do an assessment of your bigger goals. What do you like to do, and what do you not like to do (The job you are in can help you with this!)? Where do you want to be headed? What do you need to do to get there? Can this happen in the community where you currently live, or do you need to move in order to realize your goals?
I actually did this once - I moved out of an area with limited opportunity to a larger city where the employment opportunities and the cultural and recreational opportunities were many times better. I haven't regretted it a bit.
Good luck!

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