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Would you refuse to check box on your race for the govt?

By Dr Dij ·
Students at local high schools are now refusing to check an ethnic background box on school forms, which is giving govt wig/wogs the willies.

Will this destroy the govts efforts at discriminating positively or negatively to a specific ethnic group? Will that force the end to us looking at ourselves as specific ethnic groups? Will some govt employee who manages the database have his head explode over this?

in some cases there is no obvious box to check, for example student who is italian and nigerian. or student who is african american plus cherokee. another student looks 'white' but identifies with his 1/4 heritage of other origin.

They actually ask for '3rd party observers' to check the students ethnic background for them at times. That seems particularly bizarre and creeps me out, having someone else decide my ethnic background by looking at my face for 30 seconds or looking at one of my last name which comes from only one parent:

If you are not 'white' are you willing to give out your ethnic makeup? Should it really matter?

for that matter, if you ARE
'white', do you check the box for your 1/64th black or asian or american indian ancestor?

I don't have a problem with proclaiming my (not large percent) american indian ancestry. 'Scalp you all' if you get me PO'd by questioning it.

I was called on it once as I applied to Stanford long ago and on reply form they asked for my Bureau of Indian Affairs office # :)

I think this scares the govt as if everyone did this they pretty much couldn't do anything about it (except mandatory genetic testing?)

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As for the high school students go..

by maecuff In reply to Would you refuse to check ...

Good for them! Race shouldn't matter. It DOES matter, but it shouldn't.

A good reason for ever collecting race data? Equal opportunity issues.

I'm sure that many people have strong feelings about this. Why should I lose out on a job because THEY have to fill a racial quota? And I agree. That kind of sucks. The job, promotion, whatever should go to the best qualified applicant. However, until ALL employers stop discriminating based on race, sex, etc. then this is how it is.

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I do refuse

by jck In reply to Would you refuse to check ...

When a job gives me the EEO forms with an application and they say it's "optional" to do, I never fill them out.

Race has no bearing on your ability to do a job, and should not be a factor in your employment.

Same goes for school.

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Census yes, all others no

by JamesRL In reply to Would you refuse to check ...

I don't mind providing the information to the census because there is some statistical purpose in understanding things at the macro level.

But I also believe that its becoming more and more irrelevent as we become a multicultural society and we become happy Heinz 57 mutts.

Many of the distinctions are silly anyways. I'm sure people from Italy and Spain consider themselves "white" but both countries have had substantial influence from North Africa. (thats not meant as an insult).

My ancestry is Scottish on both sides, but I am sure there is some English blood in there somewhere.

I will reiterate my stance that "race" in most contexts means nothing. Genetically the whole human populations is as diverse as black labradors and golden labs - which is to say, not much. Most of what people consider to be racial is cultural differences, not racial.


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