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Locked still happens years later...

By jck ·
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Posted has disappeared

Site...lost all it's discussions for minutes

Site was telling me I hadn't confirmed my email...I did that years ago.

*sigh* Things never change...

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Well if this is any help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to still happens ye ...

Today I haven't been able to get TR to open let alone log in till a few minutes ago.

Happened on 3 different systems and 2 of those where not running Windows so I'm assuming that it's something local here stopping the connection as I was seeing notifications of Reported Spam.

Or maybe it's just that TR doesn't like me today, Or the Gremlins inhabiting my computers or Internet connection have been playing up and not letting things through. :^0


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The gremlins

by jck In reply to Well if this is any help

You probably got them from conversing with me. I picked them up after working on blackbox projects at a government contractor.

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9:00 and it happened again

by Slayer_ In reply to still happens ye ...

Like clockwork every day.

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At least you know what time it is that way

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to 9:00 and it happened agai ...

Mine never seems to have issue, well...perhaps once in a blue moon, but maybe its a time zone thing. I live in 'the current time zone' neither ahead nor behind others. :) (GMT SHOULD actually be PST, they made a mistake with the acronym that's all).

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Well 7:00 for you

by Slayer_ In reply to At least you know what ti ...

So go back to bed, or get ready for work

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Well 7:00 for you

Today I was driving along the highway with Motorhead drowning out the din of traffic. Well ALMOST about to drive down the HWY, I usually don't leave until just after 7 (gawd that's a gross thought).

I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand
My image is of agony, my servants rape the land
Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name
Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred *****.

I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit
I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet
I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain
And still you play the sycophant and revel in my pain
And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate
I am the politician, and I decide your fate

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TR should go down in a few minutes

by Slayer_ In reply to still happens ye ...

See you all in a half hour lol.

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The irony in all of this...

by jck In reply to still happens ye ...

I thought current technology implementations, as compared to 8 years ago, were supposed to improve performance, increase stability, and provide an overall better experience for the end-user.

So much for improving the world through technology. about those hot girls at the tech expo in Taipei!!! I saw the Intel/Corsair booth and just about had to mop up SoBe ZeroWater after my jaw fell open.

Ohhhhhhh yes...I am still like that. B-)

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current technology implementations

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to The irony in all of this. ...

It's funny really. Youth today scoff at middle aged folk and older, thinking we are over the hill and just don' t get how to use the connected world as they do.

They seem to not realize though that it was our generation that invented the bloody Internet, computers etc to begin with. The "advanced teens of today" use TEXT on their phones to communicate, and 'sext' each other.

When I was younger I used LIVE chat in REAL time on a telephone, met real women and got laid for real instead.

Since our generation invented everything used today, and everything they have dragged backward with respect to technology (from live calls to text where you have to GUESS what the person really meant? Seriously???) has done little to nothing at all. Sure we have a new generation of mobile app developers, so what? How many cut down versions of decent software do I need? How many versions of Angry Birds are out now? And this is the future of the world, YAY, glad I won't be part of it!

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