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WPA via BEFW11S4 to Mac with AirPort?

By ACSTech01 ·
I'm attempting to use a WPA Pre-Shared key on my LinkSys
BEFW11S4 to share a connection with my iBook with the latest
version of AirPort and an AirPort card.

When I attempt to log in on the iBook, I choose to use "WPA
Personal" and enter the password I chose on the router. At this
point I get a message stating that my router doesn't support that
encryption method.

Any ideas?

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by lyon_bleu In reply to WPA via BEFW11S4 to Mac w ...

Two approaches come to mind.

A) Try using a PC card WiFi adapter that explicitly supports WPA
and see if that works. Perhaps you can borrow one. If that works,
we know it is a hardware issue and then have the choice of
either continuing to use that card or upgrading the Airport card
to one that supports WPA.

B) Try a different WiFi administration utility. Looking around, two seemed to show potential: kwifimanager
<> and gwifiapplet <http://>, both of which are in early development and
focused on Linux, and all that entails with trying to set it up
under OS X.



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by lyon_bleu In reply to

I forgot to add one observation:

If one reads carefully, the technote I referenced doesn't say that
Airport 3.3 enables WPA in the _original_ Airport card, just in
some of them, conveniently leaving a support gap between the
very first cards/base stations and later revisions.


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by lyon_bleu In reply to

oops, that should read ""

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by ACSTech01 In reply to

Thanks, you're probably right - maybe the card just doesn't support WPA. I'll keep
messing around and trying, but I feel fairly safe with WEP.

I got my AirPort from J&R Music & Computer on a few months ago,
so I doubt it's a very early model, but you'll never know.

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by dixgraham In reply to WPA via BEFW11S4 to Mac w ...

Okay... this is probably (hopefully) not your solve. But it was my
solve to the same set of symptoms, so here goes nothing: are
you sure, sure, SURE your Airport card has its antenna plugged

Mine didn't. I got your exact same set of symptoms, right down
to "doesn't support the requested encryption method."

Plugged in the antenna (the little silvery wire hanging on the
edge of the airport card case inside the computer) into the
Airport card's rear end, and poof. No problems.

I was about ready to throw myself out into traffic, I felt so dumb.
So like I say, I hope this ain't your problem, but if it is... happy
day, and don't feel bad!

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by ACSTech01 In reply to

That's a good answer. But considering that I've been communicating using WEP at
11MB/s, I doubt it's that the antenna isn't plugged in. But I checked, just in case,
and sure enough it is plugged in.

Nice answer though, I hadn't thought of that.

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by ACSTech01 In reply to WPA via BEFW11S4 to Mac w ...

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