X1300 Radeon Graphics Card "No Signal"

By janronel ·
I bought this new Graphics Card PCI Express ATI Radeon X1300 graphics card and im having some problems. When i play games such as secondlife...mount and blade.. Star Wars KOTOR 2, my monitor go no signal when i play the games. Here are the no signal informations:
SECONDLIFE : Not that much, just some times when a lot of people are currently i am in chat with.

MOUNT AND BLADE: I play it for a couple of minutes and suddenly no Signal

STAR WARS KNIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC II: Before the game loads (which is about 80% of loading time) It says no signal.

The Only game it seems to work on is "Company of Heroes" and " Lord of the rings: Battle for Middle Earth"

My monitor is still on, but i cant get the screen to work unless i press the CPU Power button to shut it down and turn it on again.

Can anyone please help me? I have already tried reinstalling everything, including drivers.. and making sure my monitor wire is tightly shut to the Video Card plug.

I thought it was a resolution problem and i tried to change it to 800x600 and still doesnt work. I already tried turning off all the qualities of the graphics card for Very Smooth Gameplay but it still happens. Vision Teck wont reply to my Emails. Can you please help? Anyone?


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By your description here the Video card is incompatible

by OH Smeg In reply to X1300 Radeon Graphics Car ...

With the Games which is no surprise as most games prefer NVidia Video Cards to work properly.

You really need to look at the Video Requirements on each game as this will tell you what is required and it will most likely be some Open GL Format that isn't supported by the ATI Card.

I very much doubt that you'll be able to return the Video Card either as it's actually working but it isn't the right one for the needs that you have and is failing to produce a picture on some applications which by their very nature are Specialized Applications that are both GPU intensive and require the correct type of Supported Video Formats to work.


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Got same my case it was all about cooling

by paulushedenstam In reply to By your description here ...

if u have newest catalyst control center,go there and while u gaming check for the ati overdrive setup where u have temp. meter.i had same problems as u have.i just added coolers to my graphic card and it worked.even opening case helped with temperature.

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This is a replacement

by janronel In reply to X1300 Radeon Graphics Car ...

This is my new graphics card. My old one had less memory and was slower... This old one doesnt say no-signal. Radeon X1300 is more advanced and im wondering why this one is messing my computer up.

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Depending on how old your M'Board is

by OH Smeg In reply to This is a replacement

There are many things that may be different. Just because it has more RAM and a faster GPU doesn't mean to say that it's better on all hardware only that it's better on new hardware. The older ATI Cards had a different series of drivers and supported Video Formats which this card may no support hence the trouble with some games.

You can only compare this to your old Video Card if it was the same Make & Model and didn't work the same as the old one but because it's a different model it works differently and supports different Video Formats. I still thing that if you look at the Video Recommendations on the Game Boxes you'll find that they recommend a NVidia Chip Set Video Card and some form of Open GL Video Support.


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Oh Hal, Hal, Hal...

by JamesRL In reply to Depending on how old your ...

Both ATI and nVidia have had unified drivers for at least 5 years. They issue one set of drivers for all of their supported cards. In other words you can get the same drivers for a brand new x2900 or an old Radeon 7000.

For what its worth I've used both nVidia and ATI. I prefer ATI for the image quality. nVidia is often faster. There are just as many games that state a preference for ATI cards as nVidia, you will find its a marketing technique as much as anything else. I've played one game for two years on both nVidia and ATI cards and though its one of those "developed for nVidia" cards, I see zero advantage in one chipset over the other.

The X1300 is newer card and should not have a problem with those games. But what sometimes happens is that the old drivers do not properly uninstall, or the new drivers have a problem installing over the old ones. If you google ATI and uninstall you will find some utilities people have created to attack this problem. A good first setp.

Another slim possibility is an incompatibility with the refresh rate. If you are using an older monitor which can't handle the higher refresh rates which the card defaults to , you might get this problem. Now in theory if you used XP's device manager to define your monitor it would know the refresh rates your monitor can handle, but it may not always be 100%. Try configuring the game's refesh rate to something low like 60 hertz. There are often ways to do this without launching the game - through an ini file etc.


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60 refresh rate

by janronel In reply to Oh Hal, Hal, Hal...

Yes i have put everything in 60.

Still the same...

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Yes but is that in the Game of the Default Screen Refresh Rates?

by OH Smeg In reply to 60 refresh rate

What James is suggesting here is to alter the individual game to a 60 Hertz Refresh rate and not the default that is is set to.

While I do agree with him about the advantages of ATI over NVidia I have still run into some problems with some games that I've been forced to mess around with.

The basic problem that James is speaking about here is that while the Default Screen Refresh Rates are 60 Hertz the game defaults can be different and cause a monitor not to display a picture when you launch a game as it defaults to a faster refresh rate that isn't supported by the Monitor.


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I would also add

by JamesRL In reply to Yes but is that in the Ga ...

Have you uninstalled the ATI drivers with one of those uninstall utilities and re-installed with the latest? That is a well known and discussed issue.

The reason this could affect games is that games depend on MS's DX code (current is DX9.0C for XP, DX 10 for Vista), while general applications do not. The drivers interact with the DX components to deliver shading models, anti-aliasing etc.


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Change game fps to 60

by janronel In reply to X1300 Radeon Graphics Car ...

Mount and Blade is a game from the web, it does not run in advanced graphics such as Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes uses alot of graphics and this game does not say "No Signal" It never did.

Anyways, i changed the fps of the game to 60, it still isnt working, so i tried changing it to normal and changing the 3d refresh rate override to 75 and it still wont work. It wont work on 60 also

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Sgt's 2 cents worth: heat

by sgt_shultz In reply to X1300 Radeon Graphics Car ...

can you test to see if it is overheating by putting a fan on the open box or something-? or induce the symptoms by blocking the fan or something like that?

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