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XP cannot aquire ip

By megastuff ·
Originally my laptop could not aquire an ip. I disabled the Network
Bridge on XP now my wireless connection works just fine. I cannot
however get my wired(ethernet) connection to pull an ip. It is
constantly trying to quire one but is never successful. The Router
(linksys) shows that it has assigned an ip to the laptop. I know the
router is fine i know it's not running out of ip's. It is something with
the network settings on the laptop (for the LAN connection). Any

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

A couple of thoughts here with NB's I've seen foreign objects wedged in the LAN port and far more commonly the CAT cable gets broken from constantly plugging in and unplugging. Try a cable tester on the cable if you have one or just drop in a known good cable and see if that works.

If that doesn't fix your problem then maybe running the Network Setup Wizard again for the wired LAN connection will help sort things out. Ive found this far more effective than attempting to set manually the necessary items for a valid LAN connection.


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by CG IT In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

because you disabled the bridge between the wired NIC and wireless interface, and the wireless obtained an IP address,[with TCP/IP bindings to the wireless interface], Windows will assume the wirelss is the interface to use because the wireless has an IP assigned to it and TCP/IP binding bind that IP to that interface. Therefore your wired won't work unless you disable the wireless interface [use one or the other but not both at the same time on the same subnet]. Bridging between interfaces allows one to use the TCP/IP bindings of the other.

An alternative is to use hardware profiles. Here's a MS KB article on hardware profiles for XP.

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by mlacombe In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

Check the firmware on the network card. Uninstall the network card drivers, reinstall the latest version. Test again. If that doesn't work, you're looking at a bad NIC. If it's on the motherboard, hopefully that's under warranty. If not, just go to best buy, etc and get a PCMCIA network card. Should be about $50-$75 for the card and install that.

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by swisstonihasher In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

Agree with above reply re Wireless and NIC connections - dont have both running at the same time as will cause problems. If wireless disabled and NIC still doesn't obtain IP from DHCP, then remove TCP/IP, reboot and try again - that should fix it.

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by BbBucko In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

Bring up the command prompt and type in
"ipconfig" without the " "

This should return the current ip address, gateway and subnet for both your ethernet and wireless connections.

Then try "ipconfig /renew *local* "

If it times out then there is definatley a problem - now we just need to find out where it is.

Run the ipconfig /renew above between each suggestion

- Start with disabling the wireless connection as CG suggests altough I'm pretty confident you can have both running independantly at the same time (I know I do) but the bridging may have created a dependancy.
- Then try HAL's cable check
- Sometimes your IP Stack corrupts so try uninstalling and reinstalling TCP/IP
- try disabling DHCP on the router and then assigning a static ip based on the MAC address of the NIC
- borrow a NIC from a mate before you rush off and buy a new one
- Still no joy? we've effectively narrowed it down to the router. Factory reset the bugger and rebuild the config.
- You may be up for a new Router. Contact your vendor or ISP

Hope this helps


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by puterfx In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

I use a program called Netswitcher
to set up profiles between work and home. I use wireless at home on home workgroup and usually wired at work on workgroup, but sometimes go wireless there as well. With Netwsitcher, I can set up 3 profiles and switch back and forth with ease. I don't know if this would apply in your case, but it sounds like it might.

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by wmlundine In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

Try setting the default gateway for the wired adapter. Does your adapter have lights on it and are they green (connecting on both ends of the cable)? Is the adapter getting an automatic private (windows) address? Make sure the wire and adapter are good. Set the IP settings to manual...just to make sure...then clear the settings and make a dhcp request.

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by Lost Cause? In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

I was setting a DSL router for a lady to use her notebook at home. I could not get the notebook to pick up an IP address from the router. I looked at everything. What I eventually found was the the Wireless Configuration Service (WZCSVC) was not starting. I wrote a little batch file to start the service a stuck it in the Start folder so the batch file would run at notebook boot up. Problem solved.

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by Glenn L. In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

XP is smart enough to allow you to connect with either wired or wireless without turning off the wireless -- I do it all the time. The most likely scenaraio is your TCP/IP stack is corrupted as suggested in answer 4, unfortunately you cannot uninstall TCP/IP in XP.

Assuming good cable, RJ45 port, and NIC, Google "winsock xp fix", download the utilty (WinsockXPFix.exe), and run. When you reboot, XP will properly rebuild what is needed for your hardware.

I have run this more than once, mostly on desktops, and this should do the trick. It saves lots of manual registry editing and running netsh commands.

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by cjc5447 In reply to XP cannot aquire ip

The first troubleshooting question is whether it worked correctly in the first place. What does "Originally" mean? Does mean that it never worked? It may either be a hardware, software, or communications (cable, router) problem. More likely a software misconfiguration. You shouldn't be bridging network connections on a laptop, in my opinion. Disable the wireless connection and see if you can get an IP from the router. If that doesn't work, swap out the cable for a known good one. If that doesn't work, try another computer known to be good on the same (known good) cable. If that works you're down to a problem on the laptop itself. Perhaps reloading the network adapter driver may help. You may need to backup up your data and re-install WinXP. If that doesn't work, you have a bad ethernet adapter on your laptop.

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