XP Drivers! !

By nathan ·
I have just purchased 3 Sony Vaio VGN-FZ19VN laptops, under the impression i could install XP Pro quiet simply. After a few problems i managed to get XP on the machine, however when it came to installing the drivers that was a different matter! I downloaded the drivers supplied by Sony inly to find they wouldnt work with XP, i then found the drivers for XP on the USA e-support site, but when i went to install them i got an error message saying that the drivers were not for my particualr model!! If someone knows where i can find the driver please let me know as i have my mamager breathing down my neck wanting to knwo why our new sales persons doesn't have a laptop!! Thanks in advance

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You should have got the correct drivers first and you need the XP ones not

by OH Smeg In reply to XP Drivers! !

The Vista Ones that are on the Sony Web Site.

Since you no longer have any idea of what is actually used on these 3 NB you can get a copy of a utility and check the machines by testing them and being given the right places to download the necessary drivers from by visiting here to get a copy of Driver Agent and then follow the directions given


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I presume you ordered them with VISTA BIG MISTAKE......

by carlsf In reply to XP Drivers! !

Call the SONY office in your area the may have written the XP drivers, if NOT you may have a problem.

I advise my clients NOT to purchase systems/notebooks with VISTA if you are on or have XP PRO systems.

It will all depend on what Sony policy is.

I wish you luck but as I said there is NO way I will advise VISTA you could try sending them back and purchasing ones with XP PRO.

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What he said

by rob In reply to I presume you ordered the ...

I bought *one* laptop (mine) with Vista, just to check compatibility and suitability on our W2003 & XP-Pro network - It took 2 weeks for me to decide Nah! - now it is dual-boot, but I had to speak to Acer and they emailed me all the XP drivers for this machine, but no bundled apps, so it won't play or record DVDs

If you are mainly XP, then avoid Vista until it is either unavoidable, or you do a system-wide roll-out.

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hi ! kamal here

by boss_kamal In reply to XP Drivers! !

first of all, go to your vendor( sony ), they 'll defin'tly help you, if not, go to and type ''drivers for ....( sony with model no)''


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XP Drivers

by cballinger In reply to XP Drivers! !

Don't you just love replies that don't help. Windows Vista - the next Version of Windows ME... According to the Sony site all versions of your system the 190, 190E, 190EB, FE, and N all come with Vista so it appears your only option is either to contact Sony support direct or perhaps try and see if they might have drivers (video, audio, etc.) that you need for XP Pro to support that model. The other option might be to contact Sony support and see if a similar Sony model that still supports XP Pro will work with this model or even if they have a link that they just don't publish on their web site. The sad part of many support sites is that as soon as a new operating system is released they remove all links to old versions so techs trying to still use older versions no longer have access to those needed resources.

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Take the bottom off the laptop

by jk1265732 In reply to XP Drivers

Sony and Tosiba really have no support for XP they have some deal with Microsoft not to support XP.
Take the bottom off the laptop and get the model number off the Motherboard. Then use Drivers Guide to obtain the drivers. I have used this plan twice (Sony and Tosiba)

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XP Drivers

by Nils5906 In reply to XP Drivers

There is a download on RapidShare which has all the 2008 XP drivers (SATA included)in one ISO package. Install first then the XP OS.

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Friends don't let friends buy Sony

by dl In reply to XP Drivers! !

Having had the great misfortune of once owning a Sony VAIO, I can report that friends just don't let friends buy Sony computers. Technical support is virtually nonexistent. I'm sure the other folks here will guide you to sources for the proper drivers, however there is a website that does this for you (for a small fee): If you use this link you can get a discount:
Run the free test and see which drivers it comes up with for you. Good luck.

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What drivers do you need

by rmarlin In reply to XP Drivers! !

First of all, you need to let me know what drivers you are trying to get and to remind you, drivers are operating system specific. you can't take drivers for Windows 98 and use them for Windows XP so get back with me.

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These are the drivers that I need

by michelle.morland In reply to What drivers do you need

Hi. I have a Sonay FZ140E and need the XP drivers for the following:

1) The 'AV Mode' button
2) The 'S' button
3) Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
4) SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC
5) PS/2 Compatible Mouse

Will appreciate your help

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