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XP in a corp. environment, good or bad?

By techrific ·
Howdy all, Thx for any help!

I am considering migrating to XP in our corporate environment.

For my limited knowledge, Win2k has proven itself and is a known entity. As for XP I have heard nothing from anyone running an XP environment.

Does anyone have any experience or comments, or can anyone point me to some good studies of XP in a corp environment? (not from Microsoft of course) Thx to any who can help!


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by Oz_Media In reply to XP in a corp. environment ...

Two sides of the coin.

If you go with XP Pro (I assume you know Home edition wont work)you will need to ensure hardware meets compatibility requirements (as listed on MS site), if yuo need to keep older PC's this may cause a cost issue by requiring new PC's or other hardware. As Chas said though, you will get support longer than with 2K (have you ever needed MS support or recommended patches after a few years?)

If you go with Win2KPro, you KNOW it is stable and patched. Compatibility is less of an issue with older equipment so the TCO is a little lower for an EXISTING system.

I think what it boils down to is budget, if I went to a brand new company and they gave me the budget for a BRAND new network, I'd run XPPro with a Novell server.

If I was to walk into a company with little or no IT budget and some existing PC's, mixed OS's even, I'd go to Win2K Pro with a Novel server, then take a few weeks off, nothing is going to go wrong.

Sorry, I had to plug the Novell server becuase I think one of your main concerns is reliability, which you can't get from a MS server.

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by techrific In reply to

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to XP in a corp. environment ...


Please consider this! The default configuration in XP (even the 'pro' version) has all the pretty, stupid user interface doodads turned on. Sure, you can 'disable' them so it looks like a professional system - BUT - because in XP they are an integral part of the OS you are only HIDING them, NOT removing them. They are still running in the background eating up cycles.

So, what does it look like now? W2K! So why not just use W2K and save all that overhead?

Do a search on all the discussions and questions here at TR looking for XP and you'll find that there are far more problems with XP than any other OS combined. And thats just here. XP is the worst POS that M$ has ever foisted on us.


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by techrific In reply to

LOL thats a bit of propaganda, not technical reasons my friend. BTW, I use XP pro for home use and vote that it is by far MS's best OS to date. I just havent heard much from those already using or have used it (or had to create an image with it) in a corp. environment. Sorry, but thx. :)

P.S. I love XP's GIU

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by jschein In reply to XP in a corp. environment ...

When we purchase pc's, we purchase them with XP pro, however with licensing, If you purchase XP, you can rollback to an earlier OS such as win2k... hint hint... solves the problem for future updates if you have to switch to XP.

2000 is most compatible in a corporate environment ... Drivers, video, business software.

XP has too many quirks to count. Some people swear by it, alot of people swear at their computer. Xp's rollback feature is nice, if it works. Not to mention the fact for XP to properly run on a DOMAIN... you must have Server 2003. Not many people know this, but it is true.

By far 2000 outlasts, stable, secure and not much to worry about on the processes side of the house.

XP on the other hand has alot of oohs and ahhs that are not needed in a corporate environment. Just imagine when one of your users starts his firewall block on xp and nothing works...

good luck.

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by techrific In reply to

Hmm yes I didnt know it needed server 2k3, thanks for that. Hehe of course I would disable user access to the firewall, via the MMC likely. Security would be at a pretty high level, I have way too many other things to do than to be losing time at the deskside support end unecessarily. Also our enterprise management solution will be a serious watchdog. Nothing will slip past my gaze :)

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by techrific In reply to XP in a corp. environment ...

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