Xp misreporting Used disk space.

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I have a client with an IBM laptop (T60). The machine has a 70 GB hard disk in one partition. When you look at the properties of the hard disk it tells you that there is 3.6 GB Free (which means over 65 GB used space). If you tally the size of all the actual files including all hidden files the total used space comes to about 30 GB. Where can the other 35 GB be?? I have been racking my brains about this for over a week, any suggestions.

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See if this will help

by Jacky Howe In reply to I am having the same prob ...

Are you running IBM Rescue and Recovery Backups, apparently they will take up a lot of space.

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Three areas of reserved disk space NOT reported by Windows

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

properly when measuring disk space or showing what's used.

1. Recycle Bin

Windows defaults sets this to 10% of each drive / partition. It sets this space aside and doesn't allow it to be used. Some parts of Windows will show this as not free and some will show it as not used.

Clear the bin, then right click, select properties, and adjust the figure from 10% to 1%. You may find you just found a huge amount of space.

2. System Recovery
Again this space is set aside by the computer and misreported as above. Again the default is usually something like 10% to 12% of the drive, for most modern drives 1% to 4% is sufficient.

Go to control panel, system, system recovery, select a drive and adjust the amount set aside, repeat for each drive / partition.

3. Virtual memory
The area set aside for use as virtual memory is not available for use to store data and will also be misreported as above.

Unless you wish to set a specified size, you can't do much about this and there's not much point anyway.

Three areas to free up space.

A. Run a file search for anything ending with the name .tmp - run the search as *.tmp - these are temporary files the system created while working, but Windows is so badly written it rarely cleans up after itself. Watch out though, some will relate to the work being done and won't be deleted, just make sure to leave it when you get the error message and delete all the others.

2. As above but look for files that start with ~ these are other temporary files so you run the search as ~*.*

3. Go to My Computer and right click on the hard drive, select properties and select clean up. Choose the way you wish to clean up the drive - do NOT select the option to compact the drive as this has been known to cause occasional problems.
If you need more space after this, plug in a new drive.

In the past, using the above six things I've often added 30% of the drive to the amount of space available for use.

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