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XP not booting

By fjparisi ·
I have XP pro on a dell. When I power up the pc, the Dell splash screen comes up and the BIOS runs. When that screen disappears I get a blank screen with the cursor in the upper left. That's it. Nothing more.

I have tried Repairing from the XP set-up CD. No good. Recovery won't work. Cannot get into Safe-mode either.

BTW: Dell had me run an IDE Diagnostic -- it passed, the said it must be software and would cost $159 - I'm unemployed and can't afford that, let alone a new pc.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for the assitance.

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by centralcoastgolf In reply to You can't get into safe m ...

I still can't get into safe mode. I do show the option to run in safe mode but when I select it I get a screen with 14 partition (1)url's and that's it. It doesn't move from that point. I have tried all of the other options and every time I hit enter the screen blanks out.

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Do you have data that you MUST save?

by Ron K. In reply to Nothing
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Yes and No

by centralcoastgolf In reply to Do you have data that you ...

It's my wife's computer. I thought about just reformatting but she has a considerable amount of pictures that she will lose, some non replaceable. She should have backed up the files..spaced. I will give that config step a shot before I decide to pull the plug.

Thanks for all you help.

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There is a way you might be able to recover your data.

by Ron K. In reply to Yes and No

I'll post more below.

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To try recovering your data...

by Ron K. In reply to Yes and No

... means you need to power down, pull the plug out of the back of the computer and locate the hard drive. At this point it may be helpful to have schematics or the manual for your computer.<br>
Once you've located the hard drive you can remove it carefully, remember the position of the plugs. <br>
You'll need an external USB housing available damn near anywhere. Make sure that you buy one for your particular drive, it may be an IDE or a SATA drive. Place the hard drive (HD) into that and connect it via the USB cable to a computer that has an updated antivirus program on it.<br>
After it's connected you can use Windows Explorer to recover the pictures. <br>
The minor expense of a USB caddy,<$50.00, is nothing compared to what some data is worth. Having a professional recover your pictures is almost certainly going to cost more.<br>
You're heading the right direction though. After recovering the pictures and data reinstall the HD and start from scratch with a new operating system. There are some good articles here at TR about what to do the first thing when you install an operating system.<br>
Now, if you've got an external drive housing buy another drive for it and make regular backups. Your computers will fail. It's just a matter of time.

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One other thing.

by Ron K. In reply to To try recovering your da ...

If your HD isn't spinning at all you may be hosed. Data recovery firms that specialize in dead HDs are expensive with prices ranging into the thousands of dollars. If you get your HD to work in a USB housing don't wait, get all of the pictures and data while it's spinning as it may never spin again.

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by nchi4785 In reply to XP not booting

if you have hirens boot you can check your hrd drive for the bad cluster that prevent your hard disk to boot up , just run hirens boot and go to HDD regenerator then run complete check im sure you will succedd cz it seems cluster problem other wise you have to completly format it to reinstall a fresh xp (after format all cluster will be new) you know that sure

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Linux live cd

by david.lavie In reply to XP not booting

Another option would be to get hold of a Ubuntu linux Live CD. Boot the system with that, save your files to a USB device.

At this point you could reload your XP pro. You could could also continue with the installation of Ubuntu which would give you OpenOffice as well as a lot of other programs.

I sympathize with the money tight situation, your system may be ready for an upgrade to a newer OS which is why I suggested linux.

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Checked with bios? Hdd is detecting?

by msJaiganesh In reply to XP not booting

1. Check whether the hdd has been detecting in the post.. if so, check the settings in bios as in step2.

2. Check bios setup which is your first booting device.. Make your hdd has a first boot up device.. save the configuration while you exit..

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