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XP Peer to Peer woes.

By Morrisonk ·
Currently have a desktop and notebook, both are running WIN XP Pro. I can see the notebook on the desktop but not vice-versa. Also, if I click on the notebook's icon in my workgroup I get the following error: "\\XXcomputer_name is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this resource. Comtact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions." I also get a similar error when I click on "view workgroup computers" on the notebook.

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by pgm554 In reply to XP Peer to Peer woes.

Go to start, run, type in the ip address of the share you want to see ie( \\ ) and see if the share comes up.

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by pgm554 In reply to

Also ,can you ping the share?
You might need to create a hosts file for name resolution.

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by Morrisonk In reply to

Neither system could ping the other. What is a host file?

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by pgm554 In reply to XP Peer to Peer woes.

Let's go through a checklist.

1.At a command prompt on both systems,we need to check the ip addresses.Type in ipconfig /all and note the ip addresses.
2.Then try to ping each computer using each others ip addresses (computer A trys to ping computer B address and vice versa).
3.If that works then at the run icon in the start menu type in the ip address of the computer share you want to connect to using this format

(example) \\ and hit enter

This should bring up the share.If not ,there is a more fundemental problem.
Check this article out:

Watch out for xtra spaces in the url

As for what a hosts file is ,if netbios has problems in resolving names of ip addresses ,what you can do is create an ip to name resoltion mechanism similar to DNS called a host file.

ie (mycomputer1

On windows it's called lmhosts


Watch for xtra spaces.

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by Morrisonk In reply to

Thank you for your answer.

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by TJ In reply to XP Peer to Peer woes.

I have had this problem after every MS patch download. Even though it's p2p you need to have one computer designated as host on XP. First, find out your IP address and all settings for your host connection, make sure everything is functional for the host. Write down all protocols. Then go to the client, mostly your laptop and make sure all the protocols are the same for your connection. Make sure the ICF is off on the client. Make sure you can ping both machines. Make sure the names of your pc's are correct in the Network. You can also tell the client computer to FIND the host and establish a connection that way. They are not communicating and it may very well have to do with your connection protocols. Are you sharing an Internet Connection? Can they both share? Or is this just can't network? If it's the latter, then you probably have protocol issues.

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by Morrisonk In reply to

I think the culprit was my 5-port switch. I've never had one act up before, but I installed a D-Link DI-804HV Broadband UPN Router in it's place today and now everything is working. Thank to everyone who answered. I had a feeling it was going to be a "simple" hardware issue after I had been through all the settings, uninstalling adn re-installing the NIC's and all that.

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by Morrisonk In reply to XP Peer to Peer woes.

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