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XP Pro install says no hard drive

By ebrown1927 ·
This may belong in PC troubleshooting support. I had XP Pro on this hard drive. It became corrupted. Using the Western Digital tools I first used their DataLifeguard tool to format and place a partition on the hard drive. I have put all 0000's on the hard drive. Their diagnostic disk says the Hard Drive is good. It works in other computers. But when I try to put XP Pro clean install back on the disk I get the message that it cannot find a hard drive. I believe this may be a mbr problem but really have no idea what is causing this to happen. I have set the bios to the following boot order:
1. floppy disk
2. cd drive
3. hard drive
This computer has 512mb of RAM
gigahz 1.5gig
the hard drive is a 200 gig hd
set to hd 0 in the bios.

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by Jim_P In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

Have you tried booting off a Win98 boot disk, and see if Fdisk can see the drive?
If the drive is ATA (IDE) you shouldn't have to load any extra drivers, providing the hard drive isn't connected to a RAID IDE channel or a PCI IDE Raid Card.
If Windows 98 Fdisk sees the drive, create a FAT32 partition for the whole drive size, then boot up into your Windows XP install, hopefully XP will see the hard drive, then use the Windows XP Disk Partition Manager screen to delete the partition and create a new one.
Let us know how you go.

Kind Regards,

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by ebrown1927 In reply to

I tried this and yes Win98 Fdisk sees the drive and partions it. but XP will still not install. Neither pro nor home editions of XP will install. I am trying now to see if perhaps W2k will install.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

sorry about how i explained that. if you don't have to drivers for your hard drive already on disk, then go on internet and find your hard drive and download the drivers. put the drivers on a floppy disk,and when the windows installation says "Setup is now inspecting your hardware", insert the floppy disk and press F6 immediately and you might continue to press it until it ask for you to pick the driver for the hard drive. then windows will load and install the drivers, it will ask you if you want to choose additional drivers, and just choose not to. then windows will then come to the main installation menu. and you can do the installation.

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by ebrown1927 In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

I want to thank everyone for working with me on this problem. I had already tried most everything that was suggested and that is why I came to this group.

I may have found something but I do not know what it means. I cleaned the disk once again and tried to install Windows 2000 Pro. You know what, everything just went the way it was supposed to go and I have a beautiful install of W2k Pro. Why was that so easy and XP Pro and XP Home will not install? There must be an easy answer but I can not see it right now. Any advice??

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by Skruis In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

There's a limitation with Windows XP pre SP1 with HDD's larger than 137GB. It also applies to pre SP3 Windows 2000 installs. If you were able to install 2000 Pro, then this may not apply to you but just in case, this article on the Western Digital site might help you.

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by ebrown1927 In reply to

Thanks for that input but I have read everything on Western Digital and Seagate too for that matter. And when I used WD tools they limited the partition to 137 GB. And if I ever get XP installed I think I can remove that limitation, but I really don't care about that yet as I need a place to store data and I can use the other partition as a storage place for data. XP was once on a disk just like this and it was replaced by WD when I could not get XP back on it. I do not like to make these ratings unacceptable but I only mean Thanks but your input did not solve the problem. Instead of Unacceptable it should just say "did not help me" for all the replies are certainly welcome.

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137gb limit

by techrepublic In reply to

this limit is a BIOS limit now a windows limit.

all you need to do is make your PRIMARY partition less than 137gb (possibly 65gb) once your in windows you can goto control panel computer management and from here you can partition and format the REST Of the space on that hard drive without a problem.

You will just appear to have multiple hard drives. (partitions)

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by Dumphrey In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

I had a similar problem with a hitaci HD in an older Gateway. I replaced the ram..flashed the good. Finally I used GDISK to format the MBR several times, the used it to repair the MBR, and then wrote 1010 to the drive three times. Seems excessive, but it worked in the long run. If bios can see the disk, but windows cannot access it, usually thats a corrupt MBR. You should not need to load drivers at Install for an EIDE drive.

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Check the hard driver jumpers

by tkman28 In reply to XP Pro install says no ha ...

I had a problem that sounds like this.
I surfed the web and tried all kinds of things.
I tried new cables, the hard drive in a different machine as a slave, I ran disk tests, I reinstalled twice, I checked for viruses, tested the power supply, fixmbr ...etc.
I submitted a question to the Western Digital folks to see if they had an answer. Nothing.
I was about to buy a new hard drive but decided to talk to the tech guy first.

Thanks to my local PC store tech guy he suggested I check the jumpers on the drive.

I have always set the Jumpers to Master when there is only one drive in the system.

With Western Digital this causes weird failure.
I totally removed the jumper and the system started beautifully. I then set the jumper to cable select and had the drive attached to the last connector and this worked beautifully as well.

Thus before trying all the other stuff look at the hard drive and the pins beside the data cable. There should be some indication as to what pins are for Master, slave, and cable select. Either remove all jumpers or go with cable select.

Hope this works for you.

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