XP Pro installation

By nyguy1060 ·
I have a Compaq Presario C304nr that came with XP Home on it, along with a bunch of other stuff. I would like to put XP Pro in it. My question is; there are two partitions on the hard drive. C which does the normal functions, and D, which is a recovery program. Should I delete the recovery drive, then format the c drive? Also one of my friends tried this on his Compaq and when he went to install Pro he got a message that there was no hard drive recognized. What is that all about? and how do you make the hard drive recognisible?

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If you have made a Backup or Recovery Set

by OH Smeg In reply to XP Pro installation

It is quite OK to delete the Recovery Partition.

As for the Computer telling you that it doesn't have a HDD fitted this is because the HDD is a SATA Drive and needs drivers to install the OS. On the first Blue Screen you need to press the F6 Key and then insert the SATA Drivers copied to the Root of a Floppy into the A Drive to load the SATA Drivers when prompted.


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Been there

by Noprisoners In reply to XP Pro installation

Had a similar problem repairing a Compaq.. I think the bios has a hidden bit that is expecting to see the 2nd partition with all it's recovery stuff. It would not let me replace the HD. Solution.. changed the mobo, ie new bios, all then worked fine.


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XP Pro installation

by martin.fisher In reply to XP Pro installation

If you have to ask these questions you should probably leave XP home on there and not make any changes to the computer.

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Mr Fisher

by nyguy1060 In reply to XP Pro installation

I am asking these questions to double-check myself. I am basically self-taught, but had a person teaching me who recently passed away. He told me two things to remember. 1. When you are done with your repairs, you should return the unit looking better( if possible) than when you received it. 2. NEVER let your pride or fear of embarrasment get in the way of knowledge. If you need to ask the most mundane question to be absolutely sure of something, then ask. Those are words I plan on living by, especially since I don't know anyone that came out of the womb knowing how to repair computers and some peoples arrogance at people just learning is appalling. Everyone has the right to ask questions, if you don't want to be constructive, leave them alone, they aren't doing anything to you...are they???

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by bbwalters In reply to Mr Fisher

Wow! It's always a pleasure to read an articulate reply with a consructive sentence! I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments.

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Keep right on asking...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Mr Fisher

and reading and learning. The only way to go with these machines is to figure out how to do things yourself. Big company tech support sucks and as often as not they tell you the wrong thing to do.

And it is always good to try to double-check yourself while you are learning. Don't let nits like that one turn you off. We all had to learn all sorts of things by asking, and sometimes asking again.

Just be willing to learn from your mistakes and live with the occasional frustration! :)

edit typo

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Sector 0

by aandruli In reply to XP Pro installation

Don't know this particular model but a lot of manufacturers put a Fat12 partition into sector zero to allow you to choose between normal boot and recovery. You can either leave the partitions alone and install Pro over Home or you have to wipe the drive with a drive wiping program to make sure you **** away the hidden partition.

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On the side of Caution?

by david_horn In reply to Sector 0

Firstly, Mr Fisher.. Everybody starts somewhere and it is a little arrogant to make a comment like that. At least he is doing the right thing and asking the question before ! he goes ahead.

Delete the recoevery partition, sure! But if you have any problmesre-imaging the hardrive to a single partition (using XP pro install disc) and or probs when trying to load the OS you may want to recovery back to your home edition.

I would load XP pro on C frist. Make sure your OS is up and all drivers pertaining to your devices work ok and then just reformat the D;\ or reinstall XP pro again and delete the partitions and creat 1.

As for secret codes in the bios for backup or receovery partitions...WHAT!!!???

Bon Chance!

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RE: Mr Fisher

by nyguy1060 In reply to On the side of Caution?

Thank you Mr. Horn. I also placed a post to Mr fishers remarks if you would like to review them.

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Easy job!

by Kostaghus In reply to XP Pro installation

First of all you have to boot up your system using the XP installation disk.
If you don't know how to do this, let me just tell you it involves entering the setup programme, (that means you will probably have to press the F10 key to reach the POST screen WHEN the computer boots up and subsequently press DEL or F11 or F2, according to the indications on the screen to reach setup).
You will then have to select the option (browse throught the menus but don't change them options if you don't know what you are doing) that changes BOOT ORDER or FIRST BOOT DEVICE. Make sure you select CD ROM or DVD ROM according to what you have on your machine. Then go and select SAVE SETTINGS AND EXIT. When you do that, make sure the installation CD for XP Pro is in the CD or DVD drive. The computer will start and boot from CD (alternately it may show a prompt PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD...- if it does that, just press ENTER). You will subsequently have the distinct pleasure of being presented with the unique blue DOS-like screen of the text driven installation of XP Pro. After a lot of mumbo-jumbo, you will eventually reach a screen where the software asks ON WHAT DRIVE IT SHOULD BE INSTALLED. You can there delete partitions, create new ones or just let them be. My suggestion is that, if your HDD is larger than 20 GB you should divide it in 2 parts. The BOOT partition (C) should be around 10 GB and the rest should be your FILE (D) partition. If you have more than 80 at least 3 partitions are ok. That is safer in the event of software crashes of virus infections. Deletion , creation and formatting of partitions can alternately be done using Partition Magic or FDISK utility from older windows versions (like Win9. You should also be aware that FAT32 is yesterday's format. If more than 10GB are available on the disk go with NTFS. Afterwards it should run OK... If further info needed contact me: kostagh at yahoo dot com.
Good luck! Done this tens of times! Full success each time!

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