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By BorgInva ·
I got a question which several friends are asking me. A few have kids. They give their children their own PCs with Barbie and games and stuff. Some still use 98SE. Others XP Home or Pro.

Let me ask the question this way. Bill has XP Pro on his PC. He bought XP Pro maybe a year ago. He put together a clunker for his daugher (age 7). It runs a copy of his XP Pro (very well I might add, with USB2 and all). (M$ should not expect people to BUY multiple copies of an OS for EVERY PC in 1 home anyway. That should be illegal! It is highway robery). Anyway, when he does the updates for SP2, he, and others I mentioned for the same reasons, are afraid that SP2 will send off that they are suing more than 1 copy of the OS in their homes using the same reg code, and will send the M$ Crooked Cops to bust him into prison with "Bubba."
Bill actually got it from
and of course, it circulated to the rest of us.

So basically, should he and others who use multiple copies of XP Home/Pro in their homes on 1-3 PCs be worried about imprisonment (yes, they think like that) or just worry the patch will not work? Will M$ actually check the vadility of each OS?

Me, personally, I got 1 PC and not even going to bother installing this patch until they have updates for this update. So that is my biggest worry. What about Bill and company?

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by bomabardy In reply to XP SP2

I am burning a copy of the XP SP2 to put on all the XP computers in my network system. They all have their own key code and I'm sure MS will check the status with the Auto-Update function that they are recommending to turn on. Could you turn off the auto-update on the kids systemafter you put SP2 on their computer??

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by BorgInva In reply to

Auto update can be turned off.

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by BorgInva In reply to
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by pierrejamme In reply to XP SP2

What is wrong with the people and companies in this country. When you installed the program you accepted M$ licensing conditions and it is unlawfull and a sin against the Creator to not follow your agreement! Romans 13:1-7.

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by BorgInva In reply to

True, very true. But Billy is not God and I do not even think he is saved.
Plus, in my opinion, and I do not know if He disagress or not, but considering loving money is a sin, and Billy loves money and takes all of ours, I see some people as doing the right thing to go against money by loading their sick mother's PC so she play online Bingo. Spending almost $200 for 2 copies of WXP for 2 home PCs is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everone makes what Bill does. As a matter of fact, many people I know with kids struggle with money because of layoffs. So, should their kids suffer without educational programs because Daddy can not by another copy of XP Home?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP SP2

yeah. don't steal winxp. steal windows 2000 instead.
if you really want to beat microsoft at their game, then get linux on these folks machines, with OpenOffice and lots of lovely free stuff that will work great and be cool and good for your career and the *kids* career and be good influence on kids all the way around. bet they can play sims on linux box. and email and chat.
if parents want winxp so all games can be played no hassle, essentially, they want machine to babysit kids, they should cough up to microsoft for services rendered imho. cheap for what you get. sorry to be righteous yucky. i am no saint, you know that...i just agree with those who say, doesn't it matter what we say and do? inf front of our kids? doesn't it matter what we give our word about? doesn't private property matter. i think we all think it does and we all should act like it. you got a ***** with microsoft don't use product. two wrongs don't make a right.

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by BorgInva In reply to

2 wrongs do not make a right. But they make a good left ***** slap to their faces.

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by TheChas In reply to XP SP2

First of all, I am surprised that your friend was able to activate a second PC with the same Windows XP product code.

SP 1 did include some new code to block installing Windows Updates on systems using a product code from a list of specific codes that were known to be "loose" in the wild.

IMHO, at $90 for Home, and $145 for Pro, getting an OEM version of XP for each computer is high, but reasonable.

Can one really expect Microsoft (or any other company) to spend the millions required to update and improve their product if users just steal it?

Another way to look at this, is what kind of lessons are we teaching to our children if we say it's okay for Daddy to copy this software, but it is not okay for you to take an extra candy bar?

What is the real difference?

As far as SP2 itself goes, I recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before installing it on anything but a test system.
Give the hardware and application companies some time to write the patches that will be required for their devices and programs to operate properly.

The download for the off-line installer version of SP2 is 275MB.
How long it will take to download it will depend on network traffic.

Here is a link to a discussion on SP2:

It includes the link to the installer download and a few problems that people have had with SP2.


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by BorgInva In reply to

By the time I have kids, they will be taught better than I ever was. Until then, some have to fight the system the only way we know how.

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