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I got a question which several friends are asking me. A few have kids. They give their children their own PCs with Barbie and games and stuff. Some still use 98SE. Others XP Home or Pro.

Let me ask the question this way. Bill has XP Pro on his PC. He bought XP Pro maybe a year ago. He put together a clunker for his daugher (age 7). It runs a copy of his XP Pro (very well I might add, with USB2 and all). (M$ should not expect people to BUY multiple copies of an OS for EVERY PC in 1 home anyway. That should be illegal! It is highway robery). Anyway, when he does the updates for SP2, he, and others I mentioned for the same reasons, are afraid that SP2 will send off that they are suing more than 1 copy of the OS in their homes using the same reg code, and will send the M$ Crooked Cops to bust him into prison with "Bubba."
Bill actually got it from
and of course, it circulated to the rest of us.

So basically, should he and others who use multiple copies of XP Home/Pro in their homes on 1-3 PCs be worried about imprisonment (yes, they think like that) or just worry the patch will not work? Will M$ actually check the vadility of each OS?

Me, personally, I got 1 PC and not even going to bother installing this patch until they have updates for this update. So that is my biggest worry. What about Bill and company?

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by willcomp In reply to XP SP2

Since XPSP2 is brand new, repercussions from installing SP2 on multiple PCs with same installation key are unknown. However, I can't fathom MS taking legal action against home users unless they passed a copy on to a bunch of their friends.

I reinstall XP (both home and pro) frequently using product key from original installation. When XP was first released, almost invariably, a call to MS was required to complete activation. In the last year or so, Web activation completes without any problems. It appears that activation tracking has been relaxed. That may explain ability to install multiple copies with same product key.

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by BorgInva In reply to
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by BorgInva In reply to XP SP2

I can not even remember when I have ever received 10 answers to anything. Wow. I wish I got this many answers when I ask problems.
Loving what I have seen. I download the 2xxM file myself but will store it until I see if any bugs have been reported from the wild.
As with Bill, I still can not break the new to him.
However, I have shown this thread to a few other people. Some are going to upgrade to SP2 anyway and maybe one day spend money to buy seperate versions. Others are skipping it for now). They use 3rd party firewalls, AV, etc.
I was actually thinking last night, what about people... Okay, that gets confusing as I think of it so let me give this situation:
Barbara have her mother of 73yrs a computer to just do basic things: a little email, some games Barb installed (Pac-man, etc), and word processing. Now Barb is in Ireland again. Her mother (can not even remeber her name) I know has the automatic updates on because I told Barb to do it. Now this PC has a copy of Barb's XP Home, Word 97, and NAV2k4. If the M$ hounds see this PC, and Barb's laptop, both using the same XP Home code, will they makes $xxxxxxxx lawsuits threats again a 70something woman who probably has no idea what is even going on?
This made me think of the people who received PCs from famaily/friends without knowing anything about registration codes, the cost of Windows, or anything about computing as we do. Would M$ send a code to disable these innocent victims' PCs?
Just a thought.
I hope some more answers come on by. Like to see where all this will lead.

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by BorgInva In reply to XP SP2

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