XP to Mandriva

By kali_mst ·
I want to switch.
After weeks of reviewing the tons of good information on this site, Im ready to try out Mandriva, but how should I go about adding this Mandriva os to my new work HP Vista w/3g comp?
Should I buy a new tower erase the os? could I just add a partition to my working Vista system adding a dual boot to mandriva? any info one can pass on please!

I have had only 2 issues with Vista (driver updates that caused my dual screens to be inop), I actually love Vista it has helped me intigrate alot of the office apps into my network. I would still not purchase Vista for my Network, i dont have time to train beginners and reinstall drivers.

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Baud, how I love VMware

by Neon Samurai In reply to I would build a separate ...

I used to have hardware all over the place sucking up space and power. I had to give up most of the "you never use it really" hardware a few moves back and went without until I looked at VMware. My OS collection was restored overnight and throwing an OS on an extra rig is a world of hurt compared to cutting a seporate VM on a whim.

Seporate boxes works well though as the heaviest seporation.

Seporate drive boxes work well also by keeping your Windows hard drive physically seporate from your OtherOS hard drives. (ran with Dos, WinNT4 and the family win98 this way for years).

Seporate installed drives is a little more complicated but still making use of two seporate drives once you understand your boot loader setup.

Seporate partitions is another level of intimacy but allows you too do things like RAID your drives or keep regularily accessed partitions on seporate drives. For me, it's simply that I can't afford a drive per OS else I'd map VM's to there own physical drive partitions.

The most complicated setup for me was a family machine drive box, a my drive box and on that, a dual boot winNT/Red Hat.

Now I'm curious though, what other interesting ways can seporate OS be hacked into the same rig?

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Two concerns.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to XP to Mandriva

You mentioned this is your work computer. Can we assume you're in IT and that you're not a user doing this without the IT department's knowledge?

Second, you mentioned you like how Vista allows you to integrate your applications. Have you checked for replacement applications, or do you plan to run your Vista apps under some form of Windows emulator?

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Still no sound

by kali_mst In reply to Two concerns.

Neo thank you and everyone. I have tons of info to read, I did se and choose the 5.1 option for sound while installing Mandriva. '
Yes i get sound out of the front 2 notebook speakers, Its just Mandriva does not see my audio jacks, thats where i plug a 2.1 system into.

I do have 2 seperate flavors installed on same xp machine, What is your favorite flavor?

I dont se to many peeps giving ups to Mandriva?

I am a beginner IT guy and no this is my Home Computer.

I love Vista It has helped me learn Office07 much faster. Yes its a slow system but supports everything I need in the office except for beginner users, its for work only.

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I primarily use Mandriva at the moment but there are many

by Neon Samurai In reply to Still no sound

My distro or OS in general depends on the use.

My PDA includes partitions for the clean factory current OS version, the current OS version with all my other crap loaded on top and, my previous version install at it's last point before upgrading. (If my current install chews or I need a dropped function, I have the older version. If I need to rebuild my current version or need a system rescue, I have the clean current partition. Huray for partitioned SDHC.)

Desktop, Quick Install or VM.. probably Mandriva Free unless the VM is for a specific OS. It remains my Default distribution until there is a reason to prefer something else.

Mandriva One is my usual liveCD if I'm just booting hardware to take a look or use without touching the owner's data.

Computer crysis or related issue; system rescue, gparted, partedmagic, supergrub, Mandriva One, knoppix, Damn Small Linux, Puppy.

Damn Vulnerable Linux, described as "a curruption of a Linux based distribution", provides lots of learning and fun when paired with my favorite security auditing distribution.

I have a few tools and toys that are Windows only but I accommodate those easily also.

Sadly, if it's gaming, it's probably Windows I'm booted into. With a new GPU, I'll be exploring the game offerings native too *nix including FPS and flight sims. For now though, the blockbuster games are published for MS only. I'm investigating DX10 alternatives since Assasin's Creed, Crysis, MS Flight and some other's are also on my todo list. I may have to give-in and buy Vista for the only thing it was intended to do well; video gaming.

(I collect OS like "normal" people collect hockey cards. I would love to add Vista Ultimate to my OS collection but the license cost does not justify a hobby item purchase; my functional needs outside of DX9/DX10 are supported better elsewhere.)

Glad that you've taken too it though. I've long since lost count of how many blissfull hours I've wasted exploring new OS and software. Hopefully your sound issues work out as you now have the sum of my limited sound support knowledge. If mucking with software is your thing though, dig into VMware or whatever virtualization option you prefer; you just can't beat doing a full install on a whim to check out some obscure setting or software while being able to **** it away or restore a functional snapshot when it breaks.

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