xp to windows 7 rc

By cityskies ·
is ther a way to install windows 7 over xp?

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Memorex and Verbatim

by A|M In reply to Check this

I think I tried a sony dvd too, but nothing worked. Thanks for the other comment about using the flash drive, I'll try to do that next.

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Silly question time ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Memorex and Verbatim

I take it you ARE installing Windows 7 using the same DVD drive that was used to burn the ISO to disc, aren't you ?

The only other thing I can suggest (although it's a real pain in the arse) is that you might have a glitchy download. You could always try downloading again (or find a mate with a download and try that - all you need is a different key from the one your mate has, and you can get another key just by logging into the download site).

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Do not install Beta and RC software over working drives

by TheChas In reply to xp to windows 7 rc

I would STRONGLY advise against installing the Windows 7 RC or any other "test" / "beta" software over your working released software drive.

First of all, you will find it hard to go back to XP should you have problems with 7. Also, and even more important, is that all Microsoft bate and release candidate software have built in expiration dates.

I strongly recommend that you install Windows 7 on a clean separate hard drive and switch drives when you want to change from Windows 7 to XP.

As a side note, have you checked your hardware for Windows 7 compatibility?

If you know your system can run Vista, it should be able to handle Windows 7. If any hardware is not supported by Vista, it will not work with Windows 7 either.

Microsoft has released a beta version of a Windows 7 upgrade advisor. This software looks at your hardware to verify it can support Windows 7.


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In case you want to

by scott_heath In reply to xp to windows 7 rc

I did a clean of the Beta but an upgrade to the RC.

Under sources edit cversion.ini and set the version number to something really low.

I only did it Beta to RC, but maybe it will work with RC.


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I Think The Answer is No

by willcomp In reply to xp to windows 7 rc

You cannot upgrade XP to Win7. A clean install is the only option.

So far the Win7 RC has been stable and I haven't experienced any problems (using 64 bit version). But I do agree that you should not use pre release software for crtiical work.

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