Yahoo ID hacked--Urgent.

By bodibaski ·
Dear All,
A friend of mine who has been using yahoo service more than 10 years using the same id. His id has hacked by someone and the profile details also has changed by the hacker. Now he couldn't access his id even using the forgot password option.

I tried to mail yahoo using his alternate mail id. Yahoo responded the mail that they can't help if we couldn't enter the profile data for forgot password option, that is the only way they said.

And the hacker using his id to send unwanted mails to the contacts which is in my friend's mail list.

Is there any way to retrieve his mail back? He had a lot of official news and data in that mail. He is trusting me as i can help him.

I trust the tech republic forums.

Please share the info if anyone faced like this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, since the other info was not helpful

by The Scummy One In reply to Yahoo ID hacked--Urgent.

try having your friend tie a grounding wire snugly around the grounding pin for the computer. Wait to plug it in.
Tie this strip firmly around both exposed arms or wrists (or ankles) about mid-way. After that, you should wrap it around at least 1 of your arms (for good measure) as well. Tie the other end to the frame on the computer.

Now, one of you should get another power cord/cable. Cut the part off that has things plug into it or where it plugs into a computer. In other words, do not cut the part off that plugs into the wall outlet.
Strip a good amount of insulator from EACH wire. Tie a different exposed wire to Each Finger, wrap it up good. Make sure that they do not connect to each other.
Spread some water on the ground, add a little soil (mud), or stand in a metal bowl with mud (bare footed). Simultaneously each of you shouldplug the 2 power cables into a different wall socket.
The password will reveal itself if you are on Yahoo's website

Plug it into the wall outlet or power strip.

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by bodibaski In reply to Well, since the other inf ...

Thanks for spending your time.
You spent your valuable time for me to write this useless reply. Instead if you try to use your brain for learning things you could help me.

Useless. Nuts

Be a professional.

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what, who are you to me?

by The Scummy One In reply to Thanks.

I will spend my time however the f**k I want to! Do I really want to help you? Why should I put the effort forth to help you, dumba$$???
If I really wanted to help you, I would have tried harder to help you 'off' yourself. But I dont really care about you enough to put in the effort.

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< Wondering if his friend is called HARVEY? > ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to what, who are you to me? ...

After all, when he is sitting at his friend's computer, using his friend's email ID to send emails to Yahoo AS HIS FRIEND, he considers he is actually his friend and not himself.

That's the sort of bloke that would have a friend called Harvey. The fact that we all know Harvey was a B&W Film Star, in excess of 6 feet tall, and an invisible rabbit is neither here nor there.

Unless 'there' is in India, in which case it's just NOT HERE!


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by The Scummy One In reply to < Wondering if his friend ...

I think he was sitting on his 'friend'while trying to YAHOO :^0

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Isn't that "One-Up-Man-Ship" ? LOL :^0 nt

by OldER Mycroft In reply to LOL
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Yahoo TOS...

by MechanicalPC In reply to Yahoo ID hacked--Urgent.

I'm assuming you and your buddy have both read the Yahoo Terms of is your friends responsibility to personally contact Yahoo support and inform them of the problem...whoever cracked your friends account went through a lot of trouble to make the changes you describe...more than would be normal.

Your best bet is to have your friend contact Yahoo support personally and inform them of the breech...and if I'm not mistaken, the most they will do is disable the account and how to avoid the situation again...could take a few days to get a response too.

You're not going to get any assistance from people outside of Yahoo support...

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Good advices

by seanferd In reply to Yahoo TOS...

I mean, how else could it be done?

Wait, I forgot I'm a Yahoo! sysadmin. I'll just remote in then...

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Embarassing truths

by daveo2000 In reply to Yahoo TOS...

I had a friend have something similar happen to them. What happened is that they received an e-mail phishing type scam which asked them to log in via this special link because of security problems.

The link went to some site in Russia, I think. I learned this from the wife who said that she saw the e-mail and thought it was bogus and told her husband not to bother with it. He thought he knew better and logged into the "special link". Within minutes the ID was compromised and password changed. The tech service told them that they could only believe the one with the password since they don't know either of the parties involved.

Short story: sorry to hear it. Sign up for a new account and realize that you have been taught a lesson in computer (lack of) security.

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Thank you

by bodibaski In reply to Embarassing truths

Thanks for the valuable reply.

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