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You Can't Fly Like an Eagle

By maxwell edison ·
...when you're cooped up with a bunch of turkeys.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Damn straight, WOMAN

Mmmmm, Chicken pot pie.

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by Jessie In reply to REAL WOMEN

NOT in front of the children we don't!!! Unless we live in Arkansas, US.

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by maecuff In reply to :/

Don't be silly, REAL women don't do it all, unless it is to procreate. Real women wear pearls while they vacuum, They always have their hair done and god forbid, they NEVER let their husband see them in sweat pants. Haven't you ever SEEN Leave it to Beaver? Or Ozzie and Harriet?

I gotta say, I'm awfully damn glad to be behind a keyboard and in that 'Fake Woman' catagory.

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Proud to be called SIR

by Jessie In reply to Jessie..

LOL, when I used to do phone tech support, I'd frequently get called SIR. NOT that I think my voice is all THAT low... (I do sing soprano afterall) but for some reason, since it's not that high pitched either, people looking for someone to fix their PC preferred to think I was male... I was once even told that I was a "very nice gentleman" LOL!

My husband tells me often that he's glad I'm not a "real" woman. Though he doesn't seem to appreciate my intellect and independence when it comes time to do the housework

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My husband

by maecuff In reply to Jessie..

works from home, so he takes care of most of the housework and laundry, and quite frankly, he's better at it.

And if my dinner isn't on the table when I get home, there is **** to pay.

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MY Husband

by Jessie In reply to Jessie..

works from home too... and I work outside the home... but he still seems to think that all the time he spends adminning his website lets him off when it comes to anything to do with housework GRRRR!!!

And if dinner's not on the table by the time I get home... I'm grateful, because the only things my husband will deign to cook are grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, or ramen noodles. BLECH!!!

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by FluxIt In reply to REAL WOMEN

In the end of the world the sexes blur and people do whatever they want. There is no moral restraint. I am observing evidence of that here. Women working and men cleaning house.

Now I understand why men do not see you as a ***** - because they are!

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I see..

by maecuff In reply to THE END TIMES...

So, being a '*****' is a woman's job. Women should not work and should clean the house, making her the '*****'.

I don't understand how the sexes are 'blurred'.I am not confused, I am perfectly aware that I am female. And I am not seen as a *****, because I am not a *****. I have a brain and I have skills and I use them to my advantage.

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by FluxIt In reply to I see..

you are bitching at me?

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by maecuff In reply to I see..

I'm making a statement. You brought the ***** word in.

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