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You Can't Fly Like an Eagle

By maxwell edison ·
...when you're cooped up with a bunch of turkeys.

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I have a hard time...

by JamesRL In reply to THE END TIMES...

...Understanding if you are serious.

Would you care to clarify that for us?


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by FluxIt In reply to I have a hard time...

Some of this is a carry over from another thread in which Ms Maecuff declared her independence, burnt her bra, and marched on the Republic.

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by maecuff In reply to I have a hard time...

my bra?? You really need to get out of the seventies.

Banter is one thing, misogyny is quite another.

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I'd burn mine...

by Jessie In reply to I have a hard time...

but that could put millions of people in thirdworld countries that make this spandexy material out of work... and not to mention how much my back would hurt!

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by FluxIt In reply to I have a hard time...

I never met her. Is she Irish?

You got to be kidding. There is nothing in the Christian faith that can be attributed to a hatred of women. Christ spent special time with women, viewed them as spiritual equals, and assigned them special duties. Biblically, women are given a specific order in life and men are instructed to look at thier inner beauty. Just because many women desire to reject thier Biblically ordained place does not mean that Christianity practices misogyny. It is rather that those women have choosen not to be Christians and seemingly have a hatred for thier ordained place in Christianity.

Biologically, an embryo is first female then the Y Chromosome attaches to the SRY gene causing a male fetus to form. Interestingly, researchers are looking at this process to determine if male homosexuality is a birth defect where a male body forms but retains a female brain. There is greater support it is more of a choice than a biological defect.

Anyhow, I can see misogyny in religions like Islam but not Christianity as it is counter to its principles.

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by neilb@uk In reply to I have a hard time...

I've worked it out at last. You ARE taking the p:ss, aren't you? Your unsubtle so-far-out-of-it-bible-thumping-crap has had me fooled all along into believing you were serious. I put it down to cross-cultural differences but now I've caught on that no (even slightly) rational human being could really believe it.

Chortle, what a wag you are!

Do have a nice weekend and thank you for all the laughs.


p.s. Nice touch with the CAPITALS. Really makes me think that you're shouting at the screen. Wipe the spit off, though.

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No faith based woman hating

by Jessie In reply to I have a hard time...

There's nothing in the BIBLE that promotes a hatred of women... but there have been too numerous woman-hating Christian leaders to count. There is evidence to support the claim that Mary Magdalene was actually an apostle of Christ, but a pope in the 9th century was a woman hater, and turned her into a ***** whom Jesus lovingly "saved."

As for a woman's place, according to the Old Testament, Man gets the final say on all subjects and wives should submit to their husbands, but it ALSO says that husbands should LISTEN to their wives and treat them with respect! Men who willingly accept the first part tend to forget the second part.

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Mary Magdalene

by admin In reply to I have a hard time...

Actually, she was probably closer to Christ than the apostles.

I find it interesting though, to consider that if you consider the resurrection of Christ as the MOST important event of the Christian faith (most do) it is interesting that the first recorded person Christ chose to appear to was Mary. The importance of this event is massive and cannot be covered up - even with most of the work of Mary lost or destroyed, to be the first chosen witness of Christ upon his resurrection is an amazingly strong indication of her true historical importance and relationship to Christ.


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I wasn't

by maecuff In reply to I have a hard time...

referring to Christianity. I'm talking about your attitude toward women. In fact, the only thing I mentioned was your trite 'bra burning' comment. I don't recall anything in the bible about bra burning. It's been a while since I've read anything in the bible, but I'm reasonably sure bra burning isn't mentioned.

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by FluxIt In reply to I have a hard time...

"Men who willingly accept the ...leadership... part tend to forget the ... listen to the wife... part." How can we not listen when the wives never shut up.

'I don't recall anything in the Bible about bra burning.' That is because women libers did that to protest the Bible in the 60's. Implants were not around in the days of the Bible to counter gravitational effects. So they must have used something to hold them up and could not afford to burn em'.

Anyhow, I do not hate women and I actually have a few of them myself.

by the way check this site out:

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