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You Can't Fly Like an Eagle

By maxwell edison ·
...when you're cooped up with a bunch of turkeys.

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I'm Surprised

by maxwell edison In reply to You Can't Fly Like an Eag ...

Not even one message, thus far, to indicate an understanding of my intentions. (Not to mention the "turkey" tangent.)

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No offence but

by neilb@uk In reply to I'm Surprised

what *were* you trying to say? Maybe it doesn't translate. Certainly the "turkey" reference misses.


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Are you trying to imply?

by Jessie In reply to I'm Surprised

That YOU are in fact an eagle amongst turkeys? The mere implication is too preposterous to contemplate!

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Are you trying to imply?

Eagles are basically scavengers that prefer dead and decaying meat, we see them during spring and fall flying from one garbage dump to another.
At least turkeys taste good and I'm not even going to talk about turkey stuffing!

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Tell us honestly, is this an on going thing with you; stuffing turkeys???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Carion

Must get the turkeys PO'd something fierce! What the ****, whatever floats your boat. Different strokes for different folks.

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I think that's what he was expecting everyone to translate it as

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you trying to imply?

Yet I feel that isn't the intent of his meaning,far too easy.

Just read, "Turkeys and Eagles" by Peter Lord.

max is not implying that turkeys or eagles are any better, just that sometimes he feels like he is amongst strangers. When you spend enough time with a turkey you will begin to think you are a turkey when in actuality you are an eagle.

Find out who you are and be all that you can be, instead of following the masses.

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Oz I knew you would get it

by maxwell edison In reply to I think that's what he wa ...

I think of the various discussions in which I (actually we, including yourself and a few others) try to share with people, those I might call the naysayers, to just believe that they are indeed a metaphoric eagle. Some people simply will not believe. And it's not so much that they won't believe me, because what I think is not the issue, but they fall way too short in believing in themselves. It's almost as simple as believing "you can", regardless of what is trying to be achieved. But what makes it even worse is that there are others who might want to convince someone that he "can't". Why in the world are there people who actually WANT to convince people that they are capable of less than what they are really capable of? And don't blame "big business" or anything like that, because I see it in these very threads.

Those who blame usually fall into this category. Those who complain usually fall into this category. Those who refuse to fully accept self-responsibility usually fall into this category. The ones who spread their negative poison usually fall into this category. And those who see the worst in people instead of the best usually fall into this category.

But the turkey's way is the easy way. It's a little harder to be an eagle, maybe a lot harder. Most people go through life with an "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude. Those are the metaphoric turkeys. But a handful of people choose to go through life with an "I'll see it when I believe it" attitude. And those are the metaphoric eagles.

My eagle is a metaphor, to be sure, but still a symbol of strength, self-reliance, and able to successfully reach heights that the turkeys can only dream of.

No, it's not easy, especially in a negative world such as this. And yes, I sometimes find myself included amongst the population of turkeys. But just as the eaglet in the story that Oz so graciously pointed us to, as long as we stay "cooped up with a bunch of turkeys", we will never realize our true potential. Once he realized that he could, he did. The "believe it" came well before the "see it". And once we realize that we can, we will.

Do I say this to criticize or to judge? The turkeys might think so. But the true eagles will know otherwise. The true eagles will know that the best way to help yourself reach your true potential is to help others reach theirs. But at some point a true eagle must leave the turkeys behind or else his true potential won't be realized either.

So be an eagle. And if you find yourself "cooped up with a bunch of turkeys", don't let them convince you that it has to stay that way. And if you carry this train-of-thought through to every aspect of life, some of those elusive answers will suddenly become clearer.

But if you choose to stay cooped up with a bunch of turkeys, you'll find it much harder to soar like the eagle you were meant to be.

Thanks for posting the link, Oz. That was exactly what I was talking about.

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That's better thanks

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz I knew you would get i ...

Not because i was right but because I was unsure of what you meant by 'NOPE'.

Actually you probably know me better than many here and know that I am certainly one who is SURE he can do anything. Yes I get my knees skinned for falling off my bike, but I keep getting back on it and achieving against the odds, often to many people's disbelief. The world is not a friendly place all the time and sometimes the only one who believes in you is yourself.

One thing that is correct about 'turkeys' though; If you tell someone they can do it and they say it can't be done, they will prove you wrong every time.

Take the 'gee I can't do that' employment seekers as an example.

have a good weekend,

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by maxwell edison In reply to Are you trying to imply?
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by Oz_Media In reply to Nope

What kind of reply is that from one of this sites most eloquemtly spoken members?

NOPE? what's the alternative? Yuppers?

You didn't even say who you were addressing, one can only ASSuME that it was Jessie by the way the thread is flowing.

Sure, now I won't get a wink of sleep until you enlighten us, turkeys!

Thanks Max, thanks!

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