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You know...

By Ron K. ·
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This new TR is what we've got. Let's make the best of it. WE haven't even seriously tried to break it like we did the last go 'round. That was fun.

For me, TR works. I don't like change anymore than the other guy but let's quit the moaning and complaining and just get on with business. I used to be one of the biggest crybabies, I liked the way it was in 2005. No going back there.

One of the biggest nuisances has said farewell or so he says. This will be a better site for it, you ask me. One down, one or two to go and I don't care what anyone thinks of that.

These are just my thoughts. Agree/disagree, it's likely not to change my mind.

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At least

by NickNielsen In reply to Cheap? Nah

They give us a kiss every now and then...

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No we're high class

by GSG In reply to Are you saying we're chop ...
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by AnsuGisalas In reply to No we're high class

...sometimes it feels like we're the geese they force feed to make that foie gras...

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by AV . In reply to No we're high class

We're the icing on the cake and our opinions should be highly valued, not ignored. I look at it this way, the regular "folks" here create the community. That isn't easy to come by online. Having loyal users of a site for many years is not the norm. I hope they aren't thinking we can be easily replaced.


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wish posts could be deleted by the author...

by CG IT In reply to You know...

I've nothing relevent or worthwhile to say but can't delete the post tisk tisk

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You just did

by santeewelding In reply to wish posts could be delet ...

That is, speak with relevance and honor. I clicked because of your name. You can't shed me so easily; nor others, I wager.

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Actually you can, but you cannot delete posts

by Michael Jay In reply to wish posts could be delet ...

You can edit them to say deleted, but because you did not, you did say something of relevance.

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"This new TR is what we've got. Let's make the best of it"...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to You know...

But it could better than this, and this is what we all want on here.
Better functions, better control interfaces. Let us build on what we have and make this site even better (bugs and all). :)

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Thats how I look at it

by AV . In reply to "This new TR is what ...

I still can't post anything new. Every now and then, one gets through. I'm willing to work on it, but its disappointing that the upgrade is so non-functional and they think its so good.


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I'm going to try this

by AV . In reply to You know...

I'm not going to use IE8 to post. I think I'm going to try Chrome. I looked at Firefox 4 and thats a contender too, but I want to start with simple.

There is something about this upgrade my computer doesn't like. I have XP Media Center edition. First, I was using IE7 and I could post to existing discussions, but not start new ones. So I upgraded to IE8. Now I can barely post to existing discussions. This is what I have to do. Its really insane.

After I click reply, the subject and comment boxes start to come up and then they disappear and all I have is a blank space. If I highlight the blank space several times, the accelerator square, for lack of a better name, pops up along with the subject and comment fields. THEN, I can reply to a discussion.

If I try to post a new discussion anywhere, the submit buttons are still dead.

I'm not whining, just saying this is not good. This is the new improved TR experience for me.

If anyone has some suggestions for me, I'm open.


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