You require a WORKING email address for username and then say its too long

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The email address we use to login is sales@megatechnologies.com. megatechnologies.com is OUR DOMAIN NAME and that is how we receive email.

Some butterfly-brained bovine in your web department is obviously less informed about technology than my DOG! You folks call yourself a tech resource. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!


Either fix this or stop sending us email. The email is useless without the ability to fetch the complete articles. Even the tourist offices of third world countries have better web "masters" than this.

I sent a private feedback message a month ago that your fearless leaders have chosen to ignore. SO let's air this laundry in public. I am running it up the flagpole to see if anyone will salute it.
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Maybe you should ask your dog

by Phayte In reply to You require a WORKING ema ...

why using an email such as "sales at somecompany dot com" is not such a good idea any longer. If you sent me an email, it would more likely as not be marked as spam and deleted...just saying. You obviously managed to log in, you posted your rant, so just change your username to something less spammy. As for downloading articles, I think the newsletters contain links that when clicked will launch your default web browser and navigate to the page, not download them for offline viewing.

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So use a dummy account

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You require a WORKING ema ...

Sounds like you're more interested in attracting attention for sales purposes than you are in actually receiving technical content.

Assuming you're interested in the tech content, open a free account on a web-based e-mail service. Pick a short address. Problem solved.

If you're trolling for sales leads here, nobody here is going to respond to an account with the word 'sales' in the address anyway. They're certainly not going to respond to someone who posts an insulting rant instead of implementing a common technological solution, or at least asking for help.

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