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Your best April's Fools Day pranks at work?

By robo_dev ·
that you lived to tell about?

Of course at work you have to balance humor with keeping your job. Here's one that I did some years ago.

I made some signs and posted them on all the doors to the IT offices:

Fire Sprinkler Test Today
Notice: At 2PM there will be a required test of the building fire sprinkler system. Please be sure to remove any papers or other items from your desk and work area that may be damaged by water. It is recommended that you cover your computer, keyboard, and printer with plastic bags that are being provided by the support center. Please call the support center to arrange for a representative from your department to get the bags for your work area. Thank you for your cooperation.

Word has it that two people called to ask about getting their bags, and one help desk worker was injured slightly when he fell off his chair laughing.

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36 hours?

by Jaqui In reply to I only have one

no wonder my mom liked me.

she went into labour at noon, or was it 2 pm .. ., and I was born at 7 pm, the same day.

and I've been a night person ever since
mom telling stories about me sleeping in my crib, until they turn the lights off, then I would wake up and play, in the dark, happy.. turn the lights on and I would fall asleep.
[ oddly, I'm still sleepy in light, and awake in the dark ]

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by Shellbot In reply to I only have one

I would have died...

Thankfully, I was lucky... my lower back started hurting really bad at about 12 midnight or went for a hot bath... felt fine while in the bath..kept topping up the hot out at about 1 am..once i was out of the water actually hit the floor with pain..couldn't hardly walk.
Had her at 3.58 if i count from the sore back, thats 4 hours labour...

thank god.....

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It was not

by ganyssa In reply to I only have one

my best three days. My blood pressure crashed and they kept asking me stupid questions.

Now I have a six-year-old who's always late. She's cute, though.

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by Shellbot In reply to mrs loc gave birth withou ...

And I too only have 1..

Ah I recall it so cute little desicion to "go natural" when I found out i was preggers..
By the time I made it to hospital i was demanding vast quantities of any type of drugs..sadly was too late...

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Mrs Loc has a very high pain threshold.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Ditto

They gave her a drug to speed up labor, and she had literally no down time from the contractions.

She popped our daughter out in about 6 hours.

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by Shellbot In reply to Mrs Loc has a very high p ...

i've NO pain threshold

i freely admit i am a big baby...everything hurts..

so having a baby was "way out of the universe" pain for me..thankfully all compacted into 4 hours though..
I didn't have break form contractions either, just wave after wave..i thought it was gonna be like it was on tv..with people timing it an all..nope..just 3 hours of non stop pain


Getting a new baby kitten is much less painless..we've two cats..maybe get another in a couple years..we'll see how it goes :)

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spoken like a ....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Just tell her to not be s ...

true DEAD MAN.

Mae - throw that shovel.


I'll follow it with the hammer, so he gets at least two clues to the meaning of life today....


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I just don't understand

by jdclyde In reply to spoken like a ....

why you chicks are so uptight?

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by maecuff In reply to so what your saying is...

you could do that. I wouldn't recommend that particular course of action, but, it is an option.

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My spouse did a similar one.....

by robo_dev In reply to My best one (kind of?) is ...

The day after I had replaced the brakes in her car, she had one of her co-workers call me while impersonating a state highway patrolman.

He indicated that there had been an accident and then put my wife on the phone....she told me that when she went to stop the car the brake pedal went to the floor and that she had totalled a state trooper patrol car.

She let me go ape___ for about a minute and then said...April Fool!

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