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Your vote: Linux, or Redmond?

By jdlunt191 ·
Hey, I would like to do a survey on how many people prefer Linux over Redmond; and vice versa. I'm doing this because I would like an up to date poll on how many Linux users are out there.

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What rickk and NeoSam need to start the week.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just wait, jd

Good times, man; good times.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...
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by RookieTech In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...

Yea i prefer Linux

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An OS Type over a Place you say...

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...

Let me see...

Linux - A computer OS
Redmond - A place in the USA

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Survey conducted earlier in the year

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...

Not sure what your need, urgency or purpose for this may be, but if you can wait another couple of months, you'll probably see another slate of surveys released re: ways firms changed during the downturn; which will undoubtedly cover Linux adoption/spread.

As for me personally, you can chalk up a vote for both Windows and Linux usage.

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I prefer Linux

by jck In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...

but, I often have to use Windows due to applications I am required to use for doing work.

But within 5 years if I have my way, I'll be Windows-free in the house.

Now if I can just get my work to go totally Windows-free. :)

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by LarryDart In reply to Your vote: Linux, or Redm ...

I've used Linux desktops exclusively for over 8 years. Run all the major and some minor distros.
I tried Vista and, get this, I like it! I may be in a minority, but I really do.
I was running OpenSuSE with KDE4.3. I tried Vista and it's a lot more responsive on the same hardware. Not new hardware either!
Linux is getting there, but it still is not as user friendly as Windows for your 'average' user. In my opinion and experience with it and the community, it never really will be.

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Your opinion

by jdlunt191 In reply to Windows

True, windows is more user friendly, but don't forget that Linux hasn't quite been around as long as Windows.

I'm with you on that minority. I haven't had anywhere near as many problems as people say.

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Windows guy (that actually likes Vista 64)

by Forum Surfer In reply to Windows

I do run a fileserver (doubles as a backup server) at home that uses opensuse/samba. I started using it to experiment with alternatives at work. I loved playing with it, but it quickly became a passing fad. Honestly, I don't care if I ever see it again. I also have an older IBM notebook running Ubuntu. It was originally an experiment, but it turned out to be a passing fad as well. I'm just not a linux guy, exploring it doesn't interest me beyond 4 weeks post install. The IBM laptop sits in my office gathering dust. I haven't turned it on in 6 months or more. I had an opportunity to use it on a trip (excellent battery life) not to long ago, and I caught myself wishing I had taken the time to put Xp back on it as opposed to wishing I had taken the time to experiment with ubuntu.

I'm also with the small minority of people that like Vista. I have experienced few problems with the 64 bit version. The 32 bit version seems to be more of a resource hog I prefer Xp 32 bit in that respect.

I really like the 7 beta, as well. I will be migrating my opensuse fileserver to 7 once it is released, as well as the rest of my home pc's\laptops.

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Your Opinion

by jdlunt191 In reply to Windows guy (that actuall ...

I would agree with you on a few aspects. Windows 7 beta and RC ran great on my machine, both as 32-bit and 64-bit. Windows is good for my games, but if I weren't a big Game addict, then Ubuntu would be the only system that I would ever allow on my machine.

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